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  • Prime Minister Addresses Prayer Breakfast Deputy Director at BIS Elcott Coleby. Party leader and Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie told those gathered at the prayer breakfast not to forget from whence The Bahamas had come in twenty-eight...

  • NASSAU, Bahamas, Sept 6, CMC – The ruling Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has dismissed the move by the opposition Free National Movement (FNM) to launch a petition to force the Perry Christie government to unseal the documents regarding the deal reached...

  • New Energy Plans For BEC
    via jonesbahamas

    Prime Minister Perry Christie last night announced that the government will be issuing proposals for a partner or partners to reform the country’s energy sector, which could mean the establishment of two new electricity entities. In a statement...

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  • Member of Parliament for Fox Hill | PLP Home

    Member of Parliament for Fox Hill About Me: Attorney Fred Mitchell was born in Nassau on October 5, 1953 to the late Fredrick A. Mitchell,Sr. and Lilla Angelina Mitchell (nee Forde). Political Highli...

  • Crime | PLP Home

    Crime Too many Bahamians no longer feel safe in their own homes. Violent crime has skyrocketed, with murder records set in four of the last five years. Crime is breaking apart communities, hurting ou...

  • The Progressive Liberal Party

    • Investigations into marine casualties. Further the Bill retains and updates the requirements for the regulation and development of Merchant Shipping and related services. The provisions of the Limit...

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