Does coffee play a role in reducing breast cancer risk? Studies suggest yes

2/10/2016 – Coffee is making a serious comeback in the health world, as science uncovers all sorts of little-known health benefits associated with this popular morning ritual. And a fascinating research paper published in the British Journal of Cancer provides even more evidence that appears to support the cause,…

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Happy Breast Cancer Scam Month! Doctors regularly misdiagnose cancer to rake in big money for harmful treatments

10/9/2015 – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full swing, welcoming a barrage of pink advertising and pink products. As the pink is consumed, year after year, many are starting to wonder — “Where is all the money going?” It’s definitely not going toward education on preventive measures or spreading…

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Breast cancer overdiagnosis remains widespread: Women routinely subjected to unneccesary chemo and radiation

3/30/2015 – Health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the problem of breast cancer overdiagnosis: Women who, because of mammogram recommendations, are subjected to excruciating surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancers that never would have become dangerous, and which they never would have…

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The only way to completely heal breast cancer

(NaturalNews) Breast cancer is the number one cancer that kills women. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation have proved that there needs to be a more comprehensive approach to healing this disease. The answer can only be found when one truly understands that breast cancer is not caused by physical factors alone but like all disease, is holistic – meaning it only manifests when the body, mind, emotions and spirit are out of balance. When these four are in harmony, the stage is set for complete healing to occur.

Breast cancer must be looked at from an environmental and emotional perspective. So what makes cancer cells form and become so aggressive? The answer is found in the environment that the cells are raised in. If a person is laden with chemicals and toxins, if they are deficient in key vital nutrients, if they have had physical trauma or even worse, emotional trauma, all these factors press the button for normal cells to change into cancer cells.

German new medicine protocol

Breast cancer is linked to the emotional shocks of worry, fear and separation. These are not small day-to-day worries but major emotional shocks that usually caught the woman off guard. The first kind of breast cancer is of the mammary gland and is triggered by a worry or argument conflict with a spouse, child, mother or over the loss of the home. The second type of breast cancer is of the intraductal gland and is set off by a separation or fear conflict from a spouse, child, mother or home. In life, the physical is just a manifestation of the mental, emotional and spiritual states. What one sees in their body is a product of their thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

So how can you heal breast cancer? By healing your entire life. Start first by learning how to let go of being dependent upon others. People are made to be with one another but to not be codependent upon each other. If worry, separation and fear are the biggest triggers of breast cancer, then you must begin to emotionally condition yourself to be able to live a life without a spouse, child, home or whatever else you are so attached to that will trigger a disease in the body if its lost. Loss does cause a grieving period but then that time should be finished and you should move on to the next chapter of your life. A person who is at peace with themselves is a person who is healthy in many ways.

Physically, the way to heal is to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, preferably with four of those before midnight, and to eat a diet high in raw vegetables and fruits. Next is exercise; to move lymph fluid (where two thirds of the immune strength is found) and to increase oxygen levels in the body. Cancer cannot grow in high oxygen. Last but not least, is to live a life of reflection and meditation. Stilling yourself enough to be able to listen to the truth that is being spoken into the heart.

Breast cancer should not be something to fear but rather a call to go deeper in this journey called life. Instead of emotionally reacting, it should be a call to rise to the challenge that life has presented, a time to reevaluate each area of life and to seek where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual improvements can be made to make life better than it ever was. What appears to be the worst is really meant to become the best.

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Summary of the New Medicine- Dr. RG Hamer. Amici di Dirk (August 1, 2000)

About the author:

Dr. Keith Nemec is a holistic doctor who has been treating patients for the last 30 years. Dr. Nemec is the director of the Total Health Institute, an alternative and integrative medical facility which offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Total Health Institute is a treatment and teaching facility that has both natural physicians and alternative minded medical doctors working together as a team in Wheaton, Illinois. Thousands of people have restored their health at the Institute over the last 30 years. Dr. Nemec has published three books: “Total Health = Wholeness”, “Seven Basic Steps to Total Health”, “The Perfect Diet From a Macronutrient Perspective”. Dr. Nemec also hosts the radio show “Your Total Health” five days a week in Chicago. For more information about Dr. Nemec and the Total Health Institute visit www.totalhealthinstitute.com

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The top 7 natural cures for cancer revealed

(NaturalNews) Most of the alternative remedies that are effective with cancer are not as profitable or even patentable since they’re not novel. And practitioners who practice other remedies are in peril from federal and state agencies, the FDA and the American Medical Association (AMA), who intend to maintain their medical monopoly no matter how safe and effective other methods are.

Here are seven major leads to the many empirically proven natural cancer cures and healers who were suppressed by the mainstream medical establishment.

1. “The Quack Who Cured Cancer,” was the title of the article that journalist James Burke sent to Esquire magazine just prior to WWII that was never published. That’s because Esquire had sent Burke to Dallas, Texas, to investigate the supposed cancer fraud Harry Hoxsey and expose him as a quack.

Instead, while at Hoxsey’s Dallas clinic, Burke was very impressed by cancer patients’ recoveries and Hoxsey’s generosity of helping everyone regardless of their financial situations. He wasn’t ripping off anyone, and he was curing a lot of cancer victims at a high rate that mainstream medicine could only dream about.

Harry went through decades battling the medical establishment, even winning a major court case. But by 1960, all of his clinics were shut down after the AMA contracted the FDA as their police force, forcing Harry to instruct his head nurse to start up a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, where the clinic thrives as the BioMedical Center today. Read more about Hoxsey’s 50-year saga here.

2. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s breakthrough techniques and formulas have been curing young children with brain cancer and others who are allowed by the FDA to seek his treatment after all others fail. Dr. Burzynski been doing this by the book for years.

So why all the hassles from state and federal agencies all this time? Could the effort to shut Burzynski’s clinic in Houston, Texas, by “proving” that his methods be an attempt by drug company researchers to steal his patents and redo them under their names? Find out more here.

3. Dr. Max Gerson created an intensely nutritional approach with equally intense detox measures that cured many from cancers of all types. He started in Europe using his techniques for curing TB but inadvertently discovered that the same approach worked for cancer.

His curative successes in America became well known during the 1940s, and word of mouth brought lots of patients to his New York clinic from all over. His rate of success in healing cancer without using AMA techniques and pharmaceutical drugs was too much for the medical monopoly.

The AMA forced Dr. Gerson out of practice. Many of his clinical case documents were stolen, and it’s suspected that an attempt was made on his life with arsenic.

So the clinic under Max’s daughter Charlotte took off to Tijuana to join other true healers exiled by the USA’s Medical Mafia. Find out more here.

4. Royal Raymond Rife, a.k.a. Roy Rife, was an American scientist and inventor of the “Universal Microscope,” which enabled users to see even live viruses. The process of electronic microscopy usually kills those microbes. This enabled microbiologists to confirm pleomorphism by witnessing microbes change according to their hosts’ cellular environmental demands.

Then Roy created a system of using radio waves to destroy microbes in cancer cells, setting their death frequencies by observing their reactions to exposure under his Universal Microscope. More about how Roy Rife’s life and discoveries were tragically suppressed here.

5. Chaga mushrooms have demonstrated anticancer capabilities over hundreds of years. They grow on birch trees almost everywhere. Find out more here.

6. Oxygenating with hydrogen peroxide is a spinoff from Dr. Otto Warburg’s Nobel Prize-winning discovery over 50 years ago that cancer cells cannot survive a sudden, large surge of oxygen, but normal cells thrive on it.

That can be achieved with food-grade 35 percent H2O2 diluted carefully in distilled water, a DIY treatment if there ever was one. There’s more here.

7. Cannabis, especially when it’s distilled into an oil extract, is seeing more and more success with cancer, even among those cancer patients being fitted for a coffin.

It is a major reason why cannabis (marijuana) is being approved more and more among American states as the evidence from both anecdotal cures and scientific research endorse the use of cannabis for cancer and other diseases. Here’s more.











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How three naturopathic doctors cured cancer

(NaturalNews) First do no harm…

Somehow this, the most basic promise from physician to patient becomes lost and twisted in the fight to cure cancer. Due to what is called medical consensus, doctors are limited in their approach to fighting this deadly disease. The three basic tools at their disposal are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Generally they choose all three.

“…today, there are more people making a living from cancer, than are dying from it.” – G. Edward Griffin

Cancer is big business in this country. Americans who reject the conventional medical model are quick to point out their fear that outlawing alternative treatments is part of a huge conspiracy to maintain the status quo – a conspiracy that includes medical doctors, scientists, other health care providers, and pharmaceutical companies.

While there is no doubt that pharmaceutical companies are morally bankrupt and fully corrupt, it is hard to believe that the vast majority of health care providers are as well. Some yes, but the majority? Doctors basically have their hands tied. They either follow the medical consensus or lose their license. As far as the rest? Most of them just believe what they are told. Studies have shown… blah, blah, blah. And like most other human beings, doctors are going to pay more attention to the studies that confirm beliefs they already hold than the one that refute them.

Doctors, even though they know this to be true even more than the rest of us, ignore the fact that study after “scientific” study will be overturned. What was true today so often will not be true tomorrow. And yet, they are quick to quote results of studies that confirm their beliefs and then totally turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to anecdotal evidence. It just doesn’t register. Patient after patient can be cured through alternative treatments, but medical doctors cannot accept the possibility. Instead, they will be convinced the diagnosis was wrong (though the MRI clearly showed the tumor) or when nothing else can explain a patient’s recovery – they call it a miracle – a spontaneous remission. Any expination is preferable to successful treatment with alternative medicine.

Budwig Protocol

Alternative treatment for cancer is much more effective if a patient has not been subjected to chemotherapy and radiation. The body has not yet been ravaged by radiation or crippled by chemicals that have decimated the immune system. And yet, most of Johanna Budwig’s patients were sent to her by medical doctors after all other treatment failed. Her patients were dying–at the final stages of life. And yet, her natural treatment boasted a 95% cure rate – far surpassing any conventional treatment. Her treatment was based on the body’s need for omega 3 fatty acids along with a healthy diet.

Gerson Therapy

Max Gerson accidentally learned how to cure cancer by experimenting with a diet to cure migraines that ended up also curing tuberculosis. Eventually he learned that nutrition and detoxification was the cure for all disease. His words, spoken more than 60 years ago, were a warning we did not heed.

“We cannot detoxify our bodies when we add poisons through our food, which is one of the reasons why cancer is so much on the increase. Saving time in the kitchen is fine but the consequences are terrible. Thirty or fifty years ago cancer was a disease of old age. Only elderly people whose liver was no longer working well – was worn out-became sick. They contracted cancer when they were 60 to 70 years old and cancer was a rare disease. Everybody knows that. And now four, even going on one out of three dies of cancer. Now in the second generation it is even worse.”

B17, Nitriloside

Biochemist Ernst T. Krebs Jr. also believes diet to be the smoking gun when it comes to cancer, but he believes the missing nutrient is vitamin B17, which is all but missing from our modern diet. He contends that the Hunzas, Eskimos, Hopi Indians and others who consume a diet high in nitrilosides (which contain B17) never get cancer- ever. And yet, those who leave their community and eat a modern diet do get cancer.


Can you imagine a future when holistic treatment is practiced? A cancer patient would be treated with all of these protocols, not one. A truly healthy diet would be the basis of treatment. Omega 3 fatty acids, B17, enzymes, and abundant nutrients would aid the body in healing itself, while detoxing would remove all of the nasty chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens. All medicine would heal, not burn tissues and push patients closer to death.

Maybe we could also imagine a future where our food is not poisoned with pesticides, herbicides, petroleum products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, MSG, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, sugar substitutes, and trans fats. And if this were the case, as Gerson said, we wouldn’t be developing cancer.

So we do the best we can with what we have. Organic food is essential. To stay healthy or to regain our health, our diet should be 80% fresh, raw, whole, organic produce – more vegetables than fruits. We must eliminate processed foods and their additives. In addition we must detox at least twice a year.

Check out Foods, Vitamins, and Herbs That Kill Cancer and Cure Cancer Naturally See the first source below for a powerful full body detox protocol and the second source for Budwig’s recipe..






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Accidental medical breakthrough could mean the end of breast cancer  VIDEO

Published on Mar 14, 2016

A medical experiment may have accidentally unlocked the secret to curing breast cancer. Researchers in the UK have found a pairing of drugs that could reveal a new rapid way to treat an aggressive form of the cancer without the pain of chemotherapy. RT America’s Simone del Rosario reports.

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