Math Studio Sourceforge. Just a small note about this site: since we provide both a free program targeting end users and libraries targeting programmers...

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  • One of the common misinterpretations of jailbreaking is that it means the same as unlocking. Your phone is now free from your carrier, Google, and Motorola. Once jailbroken, you will be able to download all possible applications, extensions and themes...

  • With iOS 10, iPhone and iPad get a bigger, bolder, and more brilliant makeover — in more ways than one. Rene Ritchie has been covering Apple and the personal technology industry for almost a decade. Editorial director for Mobile Nations, analyst for...

  •  Download the full report (PDF) Targeted attacks and malware campaigns Cha-ching! Skimming off the cream Earlier in the year, as part of an incident response investigation, we uncovered a new version of the Skimer ATM malware. The malware, which first...

  • Membership websites are often considered one of the best approaches for making money online. The recurring revenue generated by a successful membership website is an obvious reason that these sites are so desirable, but the truth is that running a membership...

  • The Advent of Web 3D
    via alexstjohn

    Ah… where to begin.  I know I’ve needed to get around to telling these stories because I suspect that they will be considered important Internet history one day.  There is so much garbage that people think they know about...

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SOCRATES is an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed and indexed scholarly hybrid open-access journal. This journal appears ... popular pages

  • MathStudio - Main page

    Just a small note about this site: since we provide both a free program targeting end users and libraries targeting programmers, we divided the site in two sections: the " User links", containing ...

  • MathStudio - Screenshots

    Screenshots Here you are some screenshots of MathStudio version 0.6. Remember that MathStudio is still incomplete: a lot of things must be added. This is MathStudio running on a Windows XP system: Now...

  • MathStudio - Search

    Visit MathStudio project page for more info

  • MathStudio documentation

    If removeprevious == TRUE and other symbols with the same names are found, then they are removed. The only tags contained in the given node (which must be a wxXML_ELEMENT_NODE) must be: <constant> t...

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