Masksofvenice. Venetian masks from original Venice maskmakers at affordable prices, popular with masked balls and themed parties.

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  • Venetian mask making has experienced a rebirth. In the time of the Republic, the mask trade was vibrant—Venetians used masks all year long to go about town incognito—but it was suppressed by Napoléon, a by-product of his effort to end Carnevale and other...

  • Venice Carnival is almost here, so we’ve taken a look at the history and traditions that have made Carnival one of the most spectacular events in Italy. Whether it’s the elaborate masks and costumes, the nights full of dining and dancing or the spectacular...

  • Tweet The history of the Venetian carnival dates back to the 17th century when it used to be a colossal party meant for dignitaries and royals of the period. The dress code for such a ball implied opulent dresses for the women, capes and costumes, as...

  • i rushed out of the airport fueled with brimming happiness, dashing past a hundred unknown pretty faces just to take a deep breath of fresh air contained in this new country i was set to conquer. The first person i came inches close with, was a handsome...

  • Before I even stepped off the plane to begin my J-Term adventure in Italy, I knew my entire perspective of the world and myself would change. I’ve been surrounded by people exactly like me for my whole life, and it just seemed natural that senior...

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