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  • Welcome to our first Wiggle Adventure feature. In this series of Wiggle blog posts, we'll bring you great insights into fantastic places that you could travel to; with your bike, running shoes, or camping kit. For our first blog post, we're heading...

  • Faroe Islands
    via micronations.wikia

    ← Older revision Revision as of 07:14, December 25, 2016 Line 2: Line 2: ᚠᛟᛖᚱᛟᛃᚨᚱ|motto = Wealth, Co-operation, Peace|anthem = Tú alfagra land mítt|capital = Klaksvík|largest_city = Tórshavn|languages = Faroese, Gøtudanskt, Skandinaviska|religions...

  • Cristiano Ronaldo vs Faroe Islands (Away) 10.10.2016 HD 1080p Subscribe : us on twitter : us on Google+ : Cristiano Ronaldo Amazing Goal - Faroe Islands vs Portugal 0-4 - World...

  • Tweet With only two breweries distributing across the Faroes, I do believe the Faroe Islands probably have the poorest selection of local beers when compared to just about any other European country. For those that don’t know, these islands are off...

  • Kinrick o Denmark
    via sco.wikipedia

    ← Aulder reveision Reveision as o 03:23, 29 November 2012 Line 25: Line 25: | 2,220,093 [[square kilometre|km²]] (1,370,000 sq mi) | 2,220,093 [[square kilometre|km²]] (1,370,000 sq mi) |- |- − | '''[[Population]]'''  - 2011  - &nbsp...

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Mari Sheibley

A designer's photographs.

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