This page will soon be updated with one piece 833 manga scans, one piece 833 raw spoilers or when one piece 833 English scans is out. You can get an early one piece 833 spoilers of the manga every Tuesday while the one piece 833 scans English version were out on Wednesday. Even Yonji is as much of a pervert as Sanji.

Speaking about that cover story one piece 833 manga, there was something curious about Zeff’s reaction to the newspaper. Dunno he seemed thinking about something, and even looked a bit worried or I’m reading too much into it.

Perhaps his mother died in an incident involving his father and shit like that but it wouldn’t explain why the rest of his sibling are still tagging along as well I guess. I think it could also be something to do with no.1 and no.2 of the vinsmokes, ichiji and niji. Atleast it seems like one of them doesnt care about Sanji as much. It’s been a while since anyone actually has a good fight. In the coming chapter(s), we may be getting Nami vs Brulee, Carrot vs Randolph and Sanji vs Vinsmoke, possibly Jajji. These fights will give us some thrills as we will get to know how much Nami will fair with her improved clima-tact and how she will break through Brulee’s mirror ability and get the Team out of Seducing Woods.

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