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  • Introducing Kenny Burrell
    via fontsinuse

    Contributed by Stephen Coles Source: Image: Megafon Records. License: All Rights Reserved. Japan Mono LP release. Source: License: All Rights Reserved. Original 1967 release. Source: http://rover.ebay...

  • Arkansas Has a Bible Bill
    via sensuouscurmudgeon.wordpress

    Things weren’t crazy enough when we wrote Arkansas Creationism Bill for 2017. The legislators of that state appear to be in a contest to see which of them can introduce the holiest bill. We learned about this at the website of Christian News Network...

  • Lhasa, capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is China’s “happiest city” of the year, according to a national poll by Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. The outcome is the same as that of various years before. Although many experts think the results are...

  • A U.S. stock market crash could be on the horizon this week as the U.S. Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates at the same time the government hits its debt limit. And while the Dow has been soaring through all-time highs, our research shows...

  • Bank Loans Taking A Dive...
    via econmatters

    I am compelled to correct a report posted on Zerohedge about the cliff-dive going on in commercial, industrial and consumer loans. The report in ZH suggested the plunge is connected to two possibilities: 1) this one from a Wall Street sleazebag from...

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