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  • Past few weeks I was spending lot of time in improving page loading performance of this blog as well as our other websites such as TheQuotes.Net. I would like to share my experience of improving web page loading speed in this post. Let us first see...

  • Visitor abandonment is one of the most frustrating obstacles online marketers face today.  70-90% of visitors will abandon your website – never to return again.  Furthermore, 67.89% of shopping carts are abandoned by online shoppers...

  • Original Version Maximum concurrent connection to the same domain for browsers Do you surprise when I told you that there is a limit on how many parallel connections that a browser can make to the same domain? The limit Don't be too surprise if you...

  • One of the most common queries we get at WP Curve is ‘can you make my site faster?’. Website speed is important for a variety of reasons. Here are 4 key reasons: A faster site will increase your conversions. A faster site means Google will...

  • The BBC’s Programmes website is huge, and is intended to be a rolling archive of everything that the BBC broadcasts on television and radio. Originally released in 2007, it now has pages for over 1.6 million episodes, but that’s barely half...

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