If you arte expecting some long winded diatribe about the evils of Islam then you will be sadly disappointed and maybe should move on…..

There are some in the US that cannot get past the fact that someone is a Muslim…..to these short-sighted people there is only one Muslim and they are the people in ISIS and AQ…..none of the others matter…..that is to some.

Nothing is further from the truth….but of course I will be hard pressed to find many people on the street that has any idea what I am speaking about……When I see the lies spread I have tried to show that their belief is just wrong…..but as usual those posts degenerated into….warning about those darn “terrorists” coming down Main Street chopping off heads……I guess that is easier than admitting you are WRONG!

Deconstructing the mythic “good versus bad” Muslim paradigm.

After winning four pivotal presidential primaries on April 26, Hillary Clinton drew a line between “hard working, terror-hating Muslims” and (Muslim) terrorists.

In front of a raucous audience of supporters in Philadelphia, Clinton – the presumptive presidential candidate for the Democratic Party – only made mention of Muslims in relation to terrorism, and reaffirmed the mythic “good versus bad” Muslim paradigm.

Muslim Americans were either “terror-hating” or terrorists, slotted into one of these two caricatured categories with no space in between, or existential affiliation beyond.

Source: The myth of the ‘moderate Muslim’ – Al Jazeera English

I do not expect that Muslims will get much respect here….but at least there is someone trying to right the wrong thinking of the population.

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