Finland is the most northern country in the world. This has helped to keep it out of harms way and remain a safe haven. Many studies have called Finland the most peaceful and stable country in the world.

Soon Finns realised that it was because Finland offered the greatest benefits to refugees. Even more generous than Sweden which was reeling from mass immigration and actually advising refugees to continue to Finland.

Hardly anyone in Finland had thought that a lot of refugees would actually come to Finland to claim the generous benefits. But now here they were on the border.

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Many refugees had no passports or other papers. In fact, some had burned their passports at the border. Suspiciously, most refugees seemed to be young men of the military stripe. Instead of defending their countries and families they wanted to immigrate to Finland.

Finnish citizens organized big Close the Borders! -demonstrations on the Finnish-Swedish border demanding that the refugees would be turned back.

Everybody thought that the first Finnish all conservative coalition government in decades would turn the refugees back. After all, how could refugees claim that they were persecuted in Sweden? Why let in unidentified young males from ISIS- and other areas controlled by radical Islamists that were obviously looking for handouts in Finland?

To everybody’s surprise, the conservative government totally opened Finnish borders. The prime minister Juha Sipilä even offered his own house to the refugees!

Anybody from anywhere could now come to Finland and start collecting benefits for at least a year or two by just uttering the magic word: Asylum!

In a sense the word is fitting. Unrestricted immigration leads to riots, no-go zones, mass rapes, child brides, honor killings, terrorism and civil strife. In a word: Madhouse.

But Finns are not Swedes. The traditional Finnish culture does not look kindly on freeloaders and trouble makers. Suomi Ensin! (Finland First!) the movement was soon born. It demands political, economic and national self-determination. It wants Finland to exit EU (Fixit), Euro (Markka) and the Schengen treaty (restore border controls.)

Finland First is creating a grassroots party. It opposes the centralization of power in all spheres of politics. It has three chairmen and is open to election alliances with all nationalist parties. It tries to break the right-left spectrum and create a nationalist mass movement.

Finland First opposes the Swedish model of open borders and Islamization. It is unyielding in its defence of Finns and Finland. This idea and attitude is also represented in its shield: Finland First. We do not submit. We do not surrender.

Finland First opposes political correctness, EU, and globalism. However, it is not against moderate immigration, cultural exchange or even Islam. It is against mass immigration and Islamization of Finland. Finns do not care if other countries choose to practice Islam as long as they do not try to impose it on Finland.

Finland First wants to protect traditional Finnish culture. It wants to keep Finland a safe haven for Finns. Finns want to mind their own business and expect others to do the same.

Finns do not owe anything to anybody. They have never colonised or enslaved anybody. Instead, Finns have been repeatedly colonized by its neighbours Sweden and Russia. Many Finns were even sold to Russian and Muslim slave markets.

Finland was a very poor country that periodically suffered from famines that would sometimes take over a quarter of the population. Entire families died on the streets as late as 1866-68. Over 10 percent of Finns starved to death during these last ”great hunger years” as they are called in Finland.

Even after greatest tragedies Finns tend not to complain. They have never demanded that other countries help them. Instead with their characteristic sisu, i.e. utmost perseverance they created a strong nationalist movement and a booming economy.

Finally in 1917 Finland became independent. Soon Finland was one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

Finland First wants to keep it that way. It is a special kind of party because it combines parliamentary politics with street action.

Finland First directly challenges the power elite by organizing demonstrations that are often aimed at specific corrupt politicians and other individuals. These street demonstrations are filmed and then distributed through the social media along with articles explaining the events. Hundreds of thousands have read about these demonstrations and viewed the videos.

The reason for this is that the alternative media is getting very strong in Finland. Especially the very controversial online publication Mitä Vittua? (What the Fuck?) has gained a mass following. The police is trying to shut it down but thus far unsuccessfully. Finland is very close to becoming a police state.

Mitä Vittua? is strongly against EU and the power elite. It has also published many Finland First articles and videos.

Finland First always emphasises that all their demonstrations are totally legal and have been organised in cooperation with the police. Still, the demonstrations have been violently attacked by extremist Muslims and violent leftist. Many of these attacks have been filmed and some of the culprits have been detained by the police.

One would think that the mainstream media would be interested in reporting this. However, there has been a total media blackout. Not a word about the attacks.

Instead, the mainstream media has accused Finland First demonstrations of being ”racist” and ”spreading hate speech”. This despite the fact that the organisers are careful to stay on topic, i.e. demand independence and oppose Islamization. Apparently demanding Fixit and opposing Islamization of Finland is nowadays also ”racist hate speech”.

One of the latest Finland First demonstrations took place in Itis, the biggest shopping center in Finland. For the first time in Finland Itis organised a Ramadan campaign with the explicit purpose of normalizing Islam in Finland.

Finland First activists found out that the Ramadan campaign was run from the local extremist Muslim mosque. The mainstream media refused to report this even if the imam of that mosque has several times publicly said that according to Islam homosexuals must receive the death penalty.

During the demonstration, Finland First speakers denounced several times the imam and his mosque that was running the Itis Ramadan campaign. This made some Muslims and violent leftist so aggressive that the police had to make a protective half-circle around the Finland First speakers.

Protective police wall

Below is a short subtitled video from the same volatile demonstration. The video was filmed by a Finland First activist  The quality is not high but it was taken in the middle of a ruckus.

At 2 minutes 30 seconds can be seen how a Somali woman hits a Finnish woman in the head. In other videos, this can be seen even more clearly. The Somali woman will most certainly be prosecuted.

The attacks and harassment by the Muslims and violent leftist escalated to the point that the demonstration had to be stopped for security reasons. But Finland First will not give up. The second demonstration (Itis 2) will take place on the fifth of August in the same place. The demonstration will be video streamed in real time and later subtitled in English.

Anonymous anarchist A group has already announced that they will try to disrupt the Finland First demonstration. They literally hate nationalists and the Finnish culture. However, if possible they hate the government and the police even more. On their Facebook cover photo, there is a picture of the Finnish parliament. On the cover photo, it reads: ”The only cut needed.” Their profile photo shows a policeman running after an anarchist.

Violent Leftist have already gathered over a hundred supporters ready to harass and possibly attack the Finland First demonstrators. But this time both the police and Finland First are prepared for everything.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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