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  • Updated: Updated the section about accepting a previously issued DBS check. Overview An employer may request a criminal records check processed through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) as part of its recruitment process. For certain roles...

  • Updated: Information on reporting Apprenticeship Levy added to the page. As an employer running payroll, you should report your employee’s pay and deductions in a FPS on or before their payday (unless an exception applies). You should also send an...

  • Blog posts on Conversioner are date stamped for a reason. Date stamping is an easy way for you to judge the newness and relevancy of our posts in the rapidly changing world of optimization.  So why would you not want to date stamp your posts? ...

  • - Unofficial English Translation – Credit Information Business Act B.E. 2545 BHUMIBOL ADULYADEJ,.REX., Given on the 13th day of November B.E. 2545; Being the 57th Year of the Present Reign. By Royal Command of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej,...

  • Date/Time Formatting/Parsing, Java 8 Style
    via marxsoftware.blogspot

    Since nearly the beginning of Java, Java developers have worked with dates and times via the java.util.Date class (since JDK 1.0) and then the java.util.Calendar class (since JDK 1.1). During this time, hundreds of thousands (or maybe millions) of Java...

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  • アプライアンス Image Gallery | e-press

    2017N314 Ǝ̃AC/ߗރX`[}[ɁANI-FS530ANI-FS330lj܂B[1] 2017N313 ̐ъSR-SPX107ASPA107APW107lj܂B[2] 2017N39 I[PÃWFbgEHbV[ED-DJ71lj܂B[3] 2017N222 r[eBPAɊpNAEH-SP55lj܂B[4] 2017N222 r[eBPÃCIGtFN^[EH-ST75/65A...

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