Learners Lodge. Our team of highly experienced ex-MOE JC tuition tutors has helped JC students achieved better grades using innovative & results-focused...


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  • But the uselss shit for brains MOE is being embarassed by some students who manage the dig up the true history of singapore. Song or not, MOE? Better to teach them these sort of original singapore history than send them for 3 days of social ettique training...

  • CNHC update for camclub enews November 2013 Success on the Side – Jing Are you converting enough beta-carotene to Vitamin A? CNHC update for camclub enews November 2013 CNHC special announcement 1. CNHC celebrates new quality stamp of approval...

  • Parliament Highlights - 13 Jul 2015
    via ifonlysingaporeans.blogspot

    Ministerial Statement on Sabah Earthquake Schools to continue outdoor learning trips at home, abroad But school trips to Mt Kinabalu temporarily suspended as a safety precaution: Minister By Pearl Lee, The Straits Times, 14 Jul 2015 Schools will continue...

  • An Institute of Technical Education lecturer has joined in the chorus of a large number of adults in Singapore who have come out to share how life has been for them given their PSLE scores from years ago. The lecturer, Alan Chong, who teaches Info-Communications...

  • Source: www.NS.sg Under the Enlistment Act, NS-liable persons are enlisted at the earliest opportunity upon turning 18 years old. For those who are studying, MINDEF does allow some flexibility for them to complete their full-time studies up to the GCE...

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