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  • Fiat range topping Fiat 500 Abarth growling 160 horsepower may rein supreme among the 500s, but not for long cos’ Italian design studio, Lazzarini Design, is apparently working to transplant a 4.5L Ferrari V8 engine, as found on the 458, into a Fiat...

  • You remember the name Lazzarini Design from the time they proposed to fit a Fiat 500 a Ferrari V8 engine. Not sure how that panned out, but they now have a more plausible idea and that is equipping an Alfa 4C with a V8. They call it Lazzarini Alfa Romeo...

  • The philosophy of faster transport with higher sensation is spreading to yachts with a new Italian creation, the Jet Capsule. Designed by Pierpalo Lazzarini, it looks a lot like a Bond movie prop found in someone's garage. According to the Jet Capsule...

  • Italian Designed Personal Electric Watercraft Normally when you talk about yachts, you’d imagine a boat with sails that’s about 40 feet long and is usually reserved for people with an abundance of financial resources. There are some individuals and...

  • Lazzarini Alfa Romeo 4C
    via carjabber

    The Design team over at Lazzarini has been busy as they recently made an official announcement of its interpretation of the all new Alfa Romeo 4C.  The modifications of this car show a tricked out artistic hyper car. Italian influences in the Alfa Romeo...

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