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It doesn’t matter if you live in a poorly insulated home or one that’s got all the latest heating technologies. When Old Man Winter comes knocking, his chilling bite seems to chase us everywhere we go. So how can you keep your home cozy without going broke on heating bills?

Well, it’s no big secret. Humans have always piled on layers and lined their living areas in heavy fabrics when temps get frigid. But which fabrics work best and how can you most effectively use them to stay snug? From thermal curtains to flannel sheets, this is our guide to layering your space for maximum coziness (and style) this winter.

Start with the Windows

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If you’ve ever held your hand to a glass windowpane in the wintertime, then you know they’re a huge source of cold air. Keep curtains and blinds open during the day to allow the sun to enter, but when night falls, make sure to close them tight. Ditch the airy sheets for thermal-insulated curtains and drapes to help trap heat and prevent cold drafts from wafting around the house.

Warm Up with Your Rug

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Not only do rugs anchor and add texture to a room, but they can also help it retain warmth. Consider the material of your rug the same way you would consider the material of a coat. You would never wear silk or cotton in the winter to stay warm, so your home shouldn’t either. Luckily, wool is the warmest and most common material used for rugs. Strong and cozy, we recommend a large wool area rug for maximum heat retention.

Bring On the Bedding

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There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night shivering. Though you can always pile on the blankets, the real solution lies below the covers. It’s all about your sheets! While cotton, sateen, and silk are great breathable fabrics for warm temperatures, they’re a little too airy for winter. These heavier fabrics will keep you sleeping warm and snug in the colder months:

Linen: This medium weight fabric adjusts to your body temperature to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With linen, you don’t necessarily need to change your sheets when the weather changes.

Jersey: Soft and breathable, jersey is perfect for transitional climates that don’t get too cold, but can still feel chilly in the winter. Because they become more comfortable with wear, they’re a cozy choice for cold weather.

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Flannel: As the heaviest sheet fabric, flannel is an ideal pick for cool climates. Fleecy and soft, its brushed texture traps in extra warmth keeping you snug throughout the night.

For the warmest bed possible, top off your flannel sheets with a down comforter and at least one extra quilt or throw blanket. Fleece, wool and faux fur work wonders in adding an extra layer of heat to the bed.

Layer Up

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Think about dressing your home the same way that you dress yourself in colder weather. Are cable knit sweaters your favorite cold weather staple? Then bring cable knit blankets into your living room. Adding warm fabrics not only creates a snug and cozy environment, but it can also up the luxe factor in your space. Layer sheepskin hides (faux fur works too!) on chairs to help absorb cold, place furry pillows on your sofa and keep a cashmere throw handy. These materials are luxe for good reason — they’re warm.

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