Kundalini Consortium. Such as kundalini, Nirvikalpa, neuroplasticity, and energy healing.


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  • Kundalini Awakening
    via awaken

    All beings within our galaxy have this energetic force that is known as Kundalini… The term Kundalini comes from a Sanskrit word ‘Kundal’ meaning “coiled up”. Kundalini is often called the “serpent power” and is the energy that nourishes the Tree of...

  •      GalacticRoundtable.org Greetings Members of the Ground Crew, this is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin. I am sharing this message now so you may prepare for changes penetrating your Realm as we speak. First and foremost I would...

  • The US presidential election is in 2 days. I think I speak for most everyone when I say: WHEW. THANK ALL RELEVANT DEITIES THIS FUCKING THING IS ALMOST OVER. This election has been a ghastly spectacle—an inescapable carnival of bullshit that has haunted...

  • We've detailed a lot of our favorite things out of Facebook's new Audience Optimization tool, which provides over 282,000 listings of things that Facebook believes its users are interested in. Facebook designed its tools so that publishers can target...

  • 18 Gaza Palestinians killed, 110 injured since [early] 2014 IMEMC 15 Mar by Chris Carlson — A Gaza official said that the number of the Gaza Palestinians killed by Israel since early 2014, as a result of military escalation, has increased to ...

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  • The Kundalini Consortium

    Dedicated to the scientific exploration of human energy potentialities, such as kundalini, Nirvikalpa, neuroplasticity, and energy healing.

  • The Kundalini Consortium: September 2016

    Engage with the pet (especially your cat) in an OBE, Heal yourself physically and mentally. Is an active kundalini necessary for OBE? It certainly doesn't hurt. Many kundalini adepts have shared most...

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