Krebs On Security. Krebs on Security Cb Response, a cybersecurity product sold by competitor Carbon Black, was leaking proprietary data from customers...

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  • The Mirai botnet, which takes control of unsecured IoT devices to launch massive DDoS attacks, wreaked havoc last year after its developer, known only as Anna-Sempai, released the source code for the malicious software. One victim of Mirai was Krebs...

  • Enlarge / We're also mad you're connected to the Internet, toaster et al.Disney reader comments 25 Share this story Welcome to the Internet of Evil Things. The attack that disrupted much of the Internet on October 21 is still being teased apart by investigators...

  • Sometimes cyberattacks come from a direction you weren’t really expecting. We all know about threats from ransomware, nation-state actors, industrial espionage, or hacker collectives looking for personally-identifiable information (particularly for credit...

  • Do you run a MineCraft server and suffer from constant DDoS attacks? Maybe you and your friends use TeamSpeak and are being attacked by an unethical rival clan. Perhaps you own a popular website and your competitors are trying to destroy your website...

  • Think back to when you were a kid. No matter how well-adjusted and even-tempered you were (or weren’t) there was at least one other kid you just could not stand. You hated his face, his hair, his teeth, the way he talked, the way he looked at you, and...

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  • Krebs on Security

    Krebs on Security Cb Response, a cybersecurity product sold by competitor Carbon Black, was leaking proprietary data from customers who use it. Carbon Black responded that the bug identified by its c...

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