Kradalby. Created: 26/10/2016 16:30 When using Debian 8 and the latest official Docker installed with the official repository...

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  • The Docker Guidebook
    via kencochrane

    1   Introduction The goal of this tutorial is to introduce you to Docker, show you what it can do, and how to get it up and running on your system, and how to use it to make your life better. This guide is open source and available on If...

  • DCHQ is fully compatible with Docker Compose ( The platform also provides core (optional) enhancements to Docker Compose supporting advanced plug-ins with lifecycle stages to handle service discovery use...

  • Grafana is an open source feature rich metrics dashboard. It is very useful for visualizing large-scale measurement data. It provides a powerful and elegant way to create, share, and explore data and dashboards from your disparate metric databases. ...

  • Everybody is talking about Docker nowadays. What it is about? Do you remember Solaris Zones or Containers? It is more or less the same although development of Docker during the last years made Linux Containers the de-facto standard for deploying applications...

  • Introduction Docker is one of the fastest-growing new technologies at the moment. A solution for deploying software and building scalable web service architectures, it allows you to split your application's architecture into containers with specific...

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  • Created: 26/10/2016 16:30 When using Debian 8 and the latest official Docker installed with the official repository from docker, the systemd configuration does not obey the /etc/default/...

  • | Setting up Unifi for Ubiquiti APs

    Title: Setting up Unifi for Ubiquiti APs; Date: 25/12/2014 20:48; Modified: 25/12/2014 20:48; Author: Kristoffer Dalby

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