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  • Per Shikha Dalmia at Reason:Just a single-layer fence -- not a wall -- on the 1,300 miles of the open Southern border will cost upwards of $6 billion -- assuming, as per a CBO study, pedestrian fencing costs of $6.5 million per mile and vehicle fencing...

  • Sen. Ted Cruz launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination this week by promising to "finally, finally, finally secure the borders" and put an end to unauthorized immigration. This will warm the hearts of restrictionists, no doubt. But...

  • 5 Reasons RINO Ryan’s ObamaCare Plan Isn’t Real Repeal From the Daily Signal, by Genevieve Wood Republicans have promised time and again to repeal Obamacare—not fix it, not try to make it better—they promised to repeal it. Here are five reasons the...

  • Are You Concerned About Voting For Donald Trump?
    via politicalpistachio.blogspot

    By Capt Joseph R. John, October 9, 2016 If an American voter is not drawn to either presidential candidate at the "top-of-the-ticket", that American voter should seriously review the party platforms of both political parties. The Democratic and Republican...

    via mexicanoccupation.blogspot

    THE MEXICAN INVASION AND THE DEATH of WHITE AMERICA “Whites had the highest rate of overdose deaths of any ethnicity, more than double the combined death rate for...

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