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  • Hi o/ I'm selling my Eve online account. -82.3m SP with 18b in isk. Maybe 15-50m in assets (nothing valuable). -Account expires in 150 days (07 january 2015). -Security status : -1.6 with NO kill right. -has one remap available -Can fly an amarr...

  • War Footing, War Fever
    via tagn.wordpress

    We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. -Benjamin Franklin While I have spent some time getting myself ready for war, I spent last night tidying up some loose ends and looking to see if there was anything...

  • Explaining B-R to your uncle
    via jestertrek.blogspot

    Lots of other blogs are writing about B-R today. After chatting with CCP Manifest and CSM8 member Ali Aras last night, I thought it would be interesting to write a piece looking at the battle from a completely "outside EVE" perspective. In short, if...

  • At a press conference on Monday, ministers introduced the implementation of the Government’s upcoming debt relief measures for house-owners. Regarding the measures, the government’s policy platform has stated that through “specifically directed actions...

  • After collecting price data for more than 4 years, we decided to run the numbers on Eve Online's economy to see how the market developed and what events triggered which consequences. For this we looked at the data surrounding game expansions, heists...

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