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  • If you are looking for alternative approaches to Android application development, you should consider giving Google's Flutter, a framework based on the Dart programming language, a try. Apps built with Flutter are largely indistinguishable from those...

  • Created page with "لغت‌نامهٔ اصطلاحات اصلی مربوط به سیاست حفظ اسرار" New page <languages /> {{TOC hidden}} {{clear}} <center>This Glossary is meant to help you with some terms in our Privacy Policy that you may not be familiar with...

  • Canvas Next
    via wiki.wesnoth

    New page = Canvas Next = This is a stream of consciousness of what doesn’t work with ''Wesnoth'' today, where technology and gaming has been going, and where ''Wesnoth'' should be in the future. == Where ''Wesnoth'' is Today == ''Wesnoth'' is a successful...

  • Let a hundred SDKs blossom
    via login.yourkarma

    Software development is at a weird crossroads: there are too many ways to make good software. Or, I don't know, maybe it's not a crossroads. Maybe it's just a road. Microsoft just announced its "Universal Windows Platform Bridges," in anticipation of...

  • Sugar Web Basic Activity Set proposal by mohayon New page == About You == '''What is your name?''' My name is Michaël Ohayon, I am a 4th year student at Epitech Paris '''What is your email address?''' '''What is your Sugar...

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