Juxtapost. A fast, free and simple way to bookmark images while you surf so that you never forget that neat shirt you wanted, or that amazing...


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  • It did not take long before first extensions appeared in the Mozilla Add-ons store that changed various aspects of Firefox's new interface Australis. In fact, the first extension was launched to store less than a day after Australis was integrated into...

  • Looking for computer help? Every week, our Tekspert answers one question about digital technology. Computers, tablets, phones, cameras…   Do you check back in the the same websites pretty much every time you power up? Keeping track...

  • Content curation is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy and because of this there has been a rise of content curation tools and platforms. So we did what we typically do, we tried to get a good handle on all the options that exist in the market...

  • Sure, Safari is its own app, but new OS X versions tend to bring new versions of Safari, and Mavericks is no exception. Safari 7 offers a new sidebar, plug-in management, a redesigned Top Sites page, performance improvements, and a new feature designed...

  • 10 Steps to Organizing Your Computer: Step 4: Organizing Computer Bookmarks Are you ready to save an exorbitant amount of time online? The way I manage my online bookmarks saves me so much time, and I am super excited to share all these time-saving...

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  • kitchenartistry.com - Juxtapost

    Juxtapost - A fast, free and simple way to bookmark images while you surf so that you never forget that neat shirt you wanted, or that amazing idea you just saw. Get started today!

  • Juxtapost - All your favorite things, side-by-side.

    $11.80 $42.95 Exclusively from And Above All YOGA --- "Fun in the Sun" Yoga Pants for just $42.95 with F... Add a Post To post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet w...

  • myadventuresinthecountry.com - Juxtapost

    Need to make these for Chris Sweet Potato Casserole for Two! by My Adventures in the Contry. | I've never been a fan of this ... I made these this last weekend and they were easy and SO Delicious! M...

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