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  • This post is dedicated to all of the true athletes out there… …and since I believe all of us are true athletes at our core, this post is actually dedicated to everyone out there who seeks to improve their health, fitness, and/or athletic...

  • Your one-stop destination for all things sauerkraut. Discover a handful of fermented foods that are easy to incorporate into your diet for improved health. Learn what to look for when purchasing to get the best “Bacteria Bang for your Buck.” Test simple...

  • CHICKEN LITTLE AND THE FALLING SKY! Siberia is losing 100 million acres of forests to wildfires per year. Desiccated trees burn hot and fast.” Dane Wigington. Global tree death is occurring due to nuclear fallout, demineralization, drought, chemical...

  • The Longevity Diet: Healing Foods and Herbs For Creating Lifelong Health into Your 100’s and Beyond BY RONNIE LANDIS the longevity diet includes sacred, highly medicinal and nutritious herbs and foods from around the globe. photo: istock Share: ...

  • Lemonade Cleanse
    via gospelmusicspot

    intense muscular contraction. Gluteus Maximus and Quadriceps) to burn even 50% fat; fat requires oxygen to burn. For the average fit person, it requires 20 to 30 minutes of continuous aerobic activity with large muscle groups (e. Typically a set's duration...

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