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  • JIRA and Confluence are important tools for managing projects and exchanging knowledge in many companies. Since they contain sensitive information, operating them as securely as possible is a must. In this two-part series about the security in Atlassian...

  • Bamboo is a continuous integration and deployment server. It provides an automated and reliable build/test process for software source-codes. It is an efficient way to manage the build that have different requirements. The build and test processes are...

  • In March we had the great opportunity to get acquainted with the newest technologies and frameworks provided by Atlassian for their add-on developers. As a new vendor, MeisterLabs was invited to Amsterdam for Connect Week in order to get started with...

  • Atlassian, the leading provider of collaboration software for teams, announced Atlassian Connect, a new distributed structure that allows third party developers to create additional modules in the programming language of their choice, and sell through...

  • When I first heard about Atlassian some years ago, one description kept coming up–”the power of Atlassian applications is that you can make them do whatever you want”. Enterprise software normally comes with a lot of constraints...

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  • About Atlassian JIRA - F2Si Jira

    License Information for JIRA Copyright © 2002 - 2015 Atlassian Corporation Pty Ltd. The use of this product is subject to the terms of the Atlassian End User Agreement, unless other specified therei...

  • About JIRA - F2Si Jira

    About JIRA Ignat Alexeyenko — Software Engineer Brad Baker — Development Team Lead Veenu Bharara — QA Engineer Trevor Campbell — Senior Java Developer Ross Chaldecott — Designer Jonathon Creenaune — D...

  • System Dashboard - F2Si Jira

    Type or paste the gadget's URL below. By adding a gadget to the directory, you are making the gadget available for people to use on their dashboards. Only add gadgets that you trust! Gadgets can allow...

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