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  • 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of South Korean troops deploying to South Vietnam to fight alongside Americans in the Vietnam War. While the Korean government and veterans’ groups had begun planning commemorative events in honor of the hundreds...

  • Committee of Supply debate: Ministry of Defence Singapore strengthens cyber defence with new organisation It will also bolster round-the-clock protection of networks, build force of cyber defenders By Adrian Lim, The Straits Times, 4 Mar 2017 Singapore...

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    HCM City’s IIP surges 7% in seven months The index of industrial production (IIP) in HCM City grew by 7.05 per cent in the first seven months of 2016. Notably, key industrial sectors, such as mechanical and manufacturing industry, electronics, chemicals...

  • Headlines of the day I: Spies, laws, drones, hits
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    And a whole lot more. . . We open today’s compendium of headlines from the worlds of spookery [state and corporate], militarism, geopolitical zone crises and such with some semantic antics from United Press International: National Security Staff...

  • Multiculturalism in Australia...
    via australian-politics.blogspot

    Multiculturalism in Australia, success or failure? David Forde, below, seems to think there has been some sort of success of multiculturalism in Australia.  Maybe there has been, though he offers no proof of it.  But the big success with immigrants...

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