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Spyglass is an easy to use Competition Research tool checker. You can use SEO Spyglass tool to give your website the excellent advantage to outrank your competition on search engines. SEO Spyglass software allows you to Analyze backlinks as well. Instead of hiring somebody else to do Competition Research you can take on the role of SEO consultant. Have you ever wonder why some websites are taking the top 10 spots on Google search engine? Did you check your own site? Is it thrown in the 40th or worse in the 50th spot? Maybe it’s time to adopt a new strategy and use SEO Spyglass.

You might not be aware of this but, those who have managed to climb in the ranks and fill the prime spots all figured out on how to get there. Are you curious how your competitors manage to fill in the prime spots? The first thing that you need to do is Competition Research after all, these sites will not fill the top ranks if they did not find a way to Analyze backlinks and use a special tool or professional help to get them where they are now.

This SEO Spyglass software allow you to Analyze backlinks that keeps your competitors sites in Google’s good graces

SEO Spyglass review reveals that you will actually try to emulate the formula use by your competitors but take it a notch higher by doing it much better. SEO Spyglass to allow you to spy on your competitors. This SEO Spyglass software allow you to Analyze backlinks that keeps your competitors sites in Google’s good graces. The simplest way to explain the process is that Google sees each inbound link as a vote for your site. Some websites have the edge since they have more voting power than the rest of the other sites. It is not just about having links but, having quality links that will make your page rank higher. This PageRank scale goes up starting from 0 to 10. This is arrange from lowest to highest which means if you are given a score of 10 you are simply the best.



SEO Spyglass Review

The good news is that you are given free access to download the free starter version of SEO Spyglass by simply using the SEO Spyglass download. However, if you are convince that this is the right Competition Research checker for you then go ahead and get the full package. As with other software tools, there are some features that you cannot access and some that you can. This will all depend on what kind of SEO Spyglass software you have access to. The free version of course only gives you limited access to the SEO Spyglass tool.

The biggest feature that they can boast of is that they have launched their own Analyze backlinks database. Still, SEO Spyglass review mention how there are still other improvements and updates to help you Analyze backlinks better with the introduction of a third or fourth link database. Those who are into Competition Research thinks highly of this because with little work they can churn better results. It is not a secret that Competition Research use to be a taxing but, an important job. On top of this it takes a lot of time to Analyze backlinks that is before the advent of SEO Spyglass.

According to SEO Spyglass reviews, you can assume that as of this time this is the most decent Competition Research and SEO Spyglass tool that you can ever use to help your website rank in the top spots. Most of the other competitions were web base unlike SEO Spyglass software that offers desktop application. With more than 100 training modules that covers different topics like keyword research, link building, website monetization, pay per click ads, tracking results and much more. You will also get to participate in its exclusive interactive community forum where you can swap or trade tips that you can use on your site.

What is SEO Spyglass?

There was a time when competitors used to find it easy to do Competition Research by simply replicating and Analyze backlinks of your competitor to rank in the top spot. By the way this applies in any niche. However, Yahoo Site Explorer close down and so Competition Research and jobs like Analyze backlinks becomes tedious, that is before SEO Spyglass. Some enterprising individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity thus they beef up their programs. However, not all programs are created the same way like this SEO Spyglass software.

Users say that they stumbled upon this software in the hope of searching for a program that offers a similar experience as Yahoo Site Explorer alternative before it closed down. They say that they have found bad ones and of course this software as the closest one that can retrieve the glory of Yahoo Site Explorer. It is like finding an old friend after losing him for quite some time. This software spews out the data that you need and much more. The coolest part is that the report is design in such a way that you can actually export it to submit to your clients. If you are an SEO expert task to do research for your client using this software makes your job easy.

In terms of quality and quantity this software can give you the right backlink data. This software also retrieves all the other SEO metrics for you aside from the list of backlinks. By using this software, this helps to save you time. Imagine doing all of this manually instead of using a software like this who does the job for you. Later on you will see the source of data were the backlink was pulled from. You will also get to see the page where it is from and the title of the page as well. The report will show you what page is linking back to you and where it stands in term of PageRank.

The job of this software does not simply stop there because you will get to see the external links of that page, total links which includes internal links and the value of this link as it goes to your site. This is not just all that this software can do. You can actually use the Search function which can help you find a specific backlink that your competitor might have. SEO experts say that the best feature of this software is its reporting capability. This makes it easier for you as SEO specialist to translate SEO lingo into what your clients can use for their business. The report will give you the status of your backlinks through the help of an infograph.  SEO Specialist can easily understand what the graph is all about. However, if you are not a SEO Specialist you need to brush up on your skills.

This software goes out of its way to tell you the Alexa Rank and Google PR distribution of your links. Not as an entire link but, per link. This is presented in such a way that you can easily understand it whether you are a novice or somebody who is an SEO expert. You will learn how domain age matters. Old websites that has reputable domains will find it easier to rank. In the same token, new websites will find it hard to rank. If your link comes mainly from a specific country, don’t be surprise is the dominant percentage will come from that country.

There is clear line that separates the paid from those that avail of the free service. If you decide to avail of the paid plans you gain access to members’ only instructional videos. You can use more tools. You are given additional bonuses like data spreadsheets and other money saving tips. This is just to give you a glimpse about what this software is all about. The final decision whether you would avail of these great offers relies on you.

Spyglass SEO

How to use SEO Spyglass? You can start by using SEO Spyglass download. You can actually decide to go for the free trial version of SEO Spyglass software. Some experts say that what SEO Spyglass tool offers is unique because it is a desktop application. You have two options, you can use SEO Spyglass download on its own or as part of the SEO Powersuite package. How to use SEO Spyglass? According to SEO Spyglass reviews you can use this tool to download and Analyze backlinks from a number of sources. What’s special about SEO Spyglass is that they offer database of links. This makes it easy to do Competition Research.

How to use SEO Spyglass? According to SEO Spyglass reviews this is the easy part and it keeps getting easier as you go along. All that you need to do is to watch the video presentation on how to use this SEO Spyglass tool. The instructions given will help you find your competitors’ inbound links. You can proceed to locating the Google PageRank for each of these links. You can view the number of links by PageRank. This can be from the lowest 0 to the highest 10 point ranking.

You might not be aware of this but those who are using this software belong to the top 500 Fortune Companies. This shows that from small businesses to huge companies they all rely on what this software has to offer. They do updates on the software which comes when you pay for the software. This is because this company realizes that Google and its company constantly adds something new. When the data comes back to you, look into the report and you can build a custom report.

You can rebuild link or backlink sources if the report reveals that you need to improve on this. You can update the saved project to use either now or later on. Updating and rebuilding is made easier and is accomplish by just clicking on the Update tab and select which ones you want to update. This is just like when you are using Microsoft Defender and that you are choosing which specific updates you need. When you viewing the Analyze tab you can use the information that you found in multiple ways. You can view all of the backlinks found for your respective project, whether this is for your site or a client. Most experts do recommend trying out this tool. The reporting is good and gives you a lot of fresh options.

As for pricing, you can purchase this software by availing of Professional or Enterprise Option. You can choose to go with 6 months or Live Plan for free. You need to know though that you are required to purchase a Live Plan if you continue to use the tool link after 6 months. Free service as mentioned is limited however, this does not mean that its features are below industry standard. However, you get more unlimited offers if you avail of Professional or Enterprise plans. Again, Enterprise has the edge over Professional. Enterprise is the more expensive plan however, it comes with special features that benefit you and your business. You can actually upgrade from Professional to Enterprise by simply following the link given on the official website for this software.

SEO Spyglass Tool

If you own your website it is important that you get the best tool that can help Analyze backlinks. To help you make a good decision you can actually start doing a little Competition Research. You will learn things that your competitors are not aware of like that it is possible to rank a site for a given keyword even if the keyword is not found on the webpage. This is simply by using what experts refer to as Anchor text. Anchor text when displayed in a site will not take much space because it appears in its abbreviated form. Since the Anchor text contains important keywords within the link will point back to your site. You will learn the Anchor text use by your competitors. You will get information about the exact number of inbound links for each of these Anchor text.

You will also discover the number of time that the keyword was used in page titles or webpages linking to a certain site. According to SEO Spyglass review keywords are the backbones of search engine optimization better known as SEO. These are the words that people type when they use the search box of any given search engine. SEO Spgylass gives you a full set of analytics tools that will allow you to sort, detail and store what you need to compete with other websites. You will get the most valuable information that can help to outrank those who are now in the top of the major search engines. This software comes with a professional report generator. The reports are based on the results found when you use their tools. They have manage to create a decent and customized report that outlines a plan of action so that it can help you to successfully optimize your website. SEO Spyglass review reveals that you can actually use the SEO Success Blueprint Report and insert your logo and brand.

This is what they refer to as their branding feature. If you are an SEO expert this makes your job that easy since all you have to do is to provide this diagnosis information and insert your clients’ brand and logo to personalize your service further. This means you can use this software not just for your website but to serve clients who do not know about this. This could be a good way to earn something extra or maybe more. Not all businesses are great when it comes to SEO research. They tasked somebody to do the job for them or sometimes hire somebody else to do the job.

As an SEO expert you can take advantage of this opportunity by offering your service anyways combining your SEO expertise with the help of SEO Spyglass can make the work that easy. You can submit your report within the time frame that your client gives you. After using it several times you will be able to gauge how long it will take before you can present your report. Judging by the great work that this software has been doing it will not take a lot of time to do this. The result, you can take more client offers to do SEO work for them using this software. This means more cash for you. Actually it is a winning arrangement you get to be paid and the business knows their competitors better and improve on their product to help it survive the competition.

Importance of Competition Research

When you do research on your competition this is a strategic approach in collecting and analyzing available information gathered from your rivals. You will be able to find out by using SEO Spyglass tool what threat this presents you with. After all, your website helps you to live financially well. Competitive research is actually legal since most of the information are available in the public domain. Some are found in financial filings or reports compiled by well-known and reputable companies like Hoovers and Dun & Bradstreet. Other sources can be articles written about companies found in local newspapers or those in Nexis file. You can also gather information from online databases like those that are sourced from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and PR links.

You can try doing this manually or grab what SEO Spyglass tool offers to make it way easier for you. It also helps that SEO Spyglass discount is offered so that you won’t have to pay more. You can also check on your competitors’ marketing efforts on how they promote their site. Knowing your competitors will help to make you produce better products or services. You can find a way to make your marketing efforts stand out from the rest. You will be able to make cheaper offers on competitive prices that can entice any potential clients. Simply put, by knowing where you site stands you will be able to create marketing strategies to emphasize the glaring difference of your site versus that of your competitors.

Your competitors’ weakness will be revealed and you can actually use this to your advantage to make a more effective product or service. According to SEO Spyglass review the process of competitive research starts of by determining which of the other website or businesses your competition are. Next step is to know more about your competition and learn more about what they have to offer. The last step is how to act on what you find out about your competitor. These are the steps that you can take in order to know your competition.

SEO Spyglass Pros

Would you like to turn your website into more than just a good search engine leader? The answer according to SEO Spyglass review is to simply use this software. You cannot deny the fact that there is power when you rank on Google. You can expect to see a pile of money making its way into your business with the help of this tool. There is a definite science at work in SEO to make sites rank number 1. When you are number 1 this means a lot of people are visiting your site. This secures your business and helps to usher in profits and success. This is how it works, most people search the internet to look for products or services that they need to use.

They will start using Google or other kinds of search engines to find these results. Sites that appear on the first pages of Google and those who belong to the top 10 are those that get its fair share of steady traffic. This means people will usually visit these sites and most likely will spend money since they are actually looking for a specific product or service. These people will visit sites that belong to the top since these are viewed as trustworthy.

If this sounds simple it is because you got a great product to back you up. According to SEO Spyglass review this will help your site to be cost effective. You can watch the instructional videos if you have availed of the full package. However, if you only availed of the trial version, there is no assurance that you will be able to get the full benefits being discuss here. After all, trial versions are given just to give you a taste of things to come. You will no longer look for other tools once you start using what this software offers. Some experts of have use it said that it is complete. They said that everything that you need are all in this software.

You don’t need special training or additional preparation just to use this software. The software actually guides you through the process. Your job of reaching the number 1 position just gets easier. This tool has been used by SEO experts and tested by website owners. The general consensus that they posted in their SEO Spyglass review is that they are happy with the results.  As if the list of good things never ends, you can avail of SEO Spyglass discount. This SEO Spyglass discount will help you save on cash but, this does not mean that you will get lesser quality SEO Spyglass software.

According to SEO Spyglass review with the use of SEO Spyglass tool you will be able to discover if the link is from a homepage or if it is from a blog or forum. You will discover what among these links brings the most traffic to your competitors’ site making your job of Competition Research so easy. You will know which of the links the oldest one is. SEO Spyglass software will allow you to check on competition among 400 search engines at a faster pace. According to the SEO Spyglass review one of the coolest feature of this software is that it helps you find the correct email address so that you can ask for the links you want for your site.

SEO Spyglass Cons

SEO Spyglass software could have incorporated some of their features into their SEO Spyglass tool to make it much better. This suggestion comes from those who are already into Competition Research and know what they are doing. They have tested and learn what will work and what won’t therefore they are in the position to reveal their SEO Spyglass review in hopes to improve the SEO Spyglass software thus in a way help themselves in the process. Analyze backlinks experts say that using SEO Spyglass software is useful to you if you own your website and are trying to download the backlinks for your site.

To be fair though, Google Webmaster Tools will not allow you to do Competition Research by checking on your competitors in the hopes of outranking them but, with SEO Spyglass tool you will be able to do so. You can even Analyze backlinks that your competitors are using and copy these.  Some blind testing has place SEO Spyglass software to the test. The tests results show that this software can still do a good job of improving its capacity to reveal the number of links. Some experts say that what they will do is to combine all of similar services into a big master list of links to get the most comprehensive link profile.

Like other products out there, when this software was tested the results show that indeed it has a decent database but it needs more filtering options, these are mainly on sub-domains. SEO experts who tested this software said that it is not as robust as other similar programs sold for the same purpose. To be fair, there are unique links from its database that cannot be found in other products that offer similar tools. This clearly shows that no product is perfect. The developer of this product can take this as constructive criticism to improve on their weak spots. Who knows this might help the developers fine-tuned this program and make it better. This is also the reason why most developers employ or take on the services of SEO experts to try out their product.


It is normal for businesses to have competition. Even if you are offering a different kind of service than the rest of the businesses sitting next to you, customers will spend their money on other businesses. Your competition can be a new business or a similar business that offers a different twist on the product that you sell. Competition is not just about another business that can take away the profits from your business but, a service being developed which you can sell if you only know. Knowing your competitors can give you clues on what other businesses might just be your competition and how you can level up to stay on top of your game.

This is what SEO Spyglass offers you, a chance to have the upper hand, be on top and stay that way. If in case you have landed on the bottom part of the competition your work is not yet over. It is just starting. Thanks to SEO Spyglass because this software will help you achieve your business and financial goals better. According to SEO Spyglass reviews, You can actually go beyond your goals by knowing what’s happening. Sometimes the name of the game is imitation. This time you can copy what your competitors are doing to propel their business in the top spots. After this the next step is to innovate don’t just be satisfied about imitating what your competitors are doing. Your business life blood will depend on your decisions. Better choose the right one. Go for what SEO Spyglass has to offer. Packed with inexpensive tools that can drive the traffic to your site to help make it join the top spots and attract thousands of visitors and potential clients, SEO Spyglass is all that you need to do this.

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