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  • “Tohei has shown substantive use of physically-verifiable aspects of ki in his techniques since well before he left Hombu Dojo as the Chief Instructor.” One of the big problems with many of the Aikido articles printed by westerners is that they are...

  • Aikido & HolisticInfoSec™
    via securityboulevard

    This is the 300th post to the HolisticInfoSec™ blog. Sparta, this isn't, but I thought it important to provide you with content in a warrior/philosopher mindset regardless. Your author is an Aikido practitioner, albeit a fledgling in practice, with so...

  • Club Spotlight: Aikido Club
    via cisternyard

    Ich, Ni, San, Shi. These Japanese words can be heard in frequent repetition during an Aikido Club meeting. When listening to these sounds and the club members slowly responding in harmony, it’s hard to make out if they are even words or just melodic...

  • Takemusu Aikido Volume 4 - Kokyunage Aiki News | 2001 | ISBN: 4900586242 | English / Japanese | 205 pages | PDF | 144.63 MB Takemusu Aikido, Volume 4: Kokyunage is the fourth volume of a comprehensive technical series covering the aikido of the Founder...

  • Years ago when  I saw a policeman on the TV news restrain a protester using an Aikido sankyo grip, I thought to myself, “where did the cop learn that technique?”  Only after reading an obituary did I found out.   Johnny...

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