It Nnu. We are always excited about folks who want to know about NNU campus technology. There are several teams that perform specific duties...

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  • I think I’ve promised a 2.00gokart “total recap post” after every session of it so far. This is a piece that is long overdue on this site, and in all honesty, probably also way past its time to present in a more formal venue. For the...

  • Safety First? (Guest Voice)
    via themoderatevoice

    Safety First? D. Eckberg In recent years it has become fashionable in conservative circles to mock liberals as overly sensitive wimps. In particular this has become a rallying cry deriding college campuses, after administrators or young scholars describe...

  • How Middlebury’s 16th president shaped the institution. Few things reveal a college president’s values and priorities more visibly than financial hardship. When a global economic recession began in 2008, colleges and universities across the country...

  • Good marketing can mean the difference between having a product as popular as Coca-Cola and having a product as obscure as hundreds of other patent medicines that never made it out of the 1800s—that is, the difference between fame and infamy, fortune...

  • July 28, 2016 (Louisville, KY) – Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville will begin the first official day of instruction on August 17, 2016. Although this is the first “official” day of school, some Catholic schools choose to begin...

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  • Password Management - Northwest Nazarene University

    Password Management Password Management To effectively manage your NNU network password, you first need to enroll in the Password Management System. Go to and click on Password Managemen...

  • Printing - Northwest Nazarene University

    Printing At NNU, there are several options for printing by students and employees. Click the instruction sheet below for step-by-step instructions for installing a printer on an NNU-managed Windows co...

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