Roger Engle @ Latte Da Cupcakery-200 N. Queen Street

spent the first twenty-one years of his life in the small town of Hedgesville, West Virginia, surrounded by his grandparents, parents, siblings, and a large, extended family. He graduated from Hedgesville High School and went on to receive a Bachelor of Science degree from Shepherd College (now Shepherd University) in nearby Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Mr. Engle taught biology at South Hagerstown High School in Hagerstown, Maryland, for 30 years. While teaching there he completed graduate studies and received an advanced professional certificate from the State of Maryland. He also served in the United States Army Reserve.

Since the release of his first book, Stories from a Small Town: Remembering My Childhood in Hedgesville, West Virginia, Mr. Engle has kept an ambitious lecture schedule. In 2013 his debut book won both an Independent Publisher’s Book Awards bronze medal for “Best Non-Fiction Book in the Mid-Atlantic Region” and a Next Generation Indie Book Awards finalist medal for “Best Overall Book Design in the United States.” In 2015 he was recognized by the Senate of West Virginia and the House of Delegates of the West Virginia Legislature for the work he has done to promote the town of Hedgesville and the state of West Virginia through his writing.

The sequel, Goodbye Mister Fifteen, was released in September of 2015, and has been equally well-received. Mr. Engle was invited to participate with well-known author, Nora Roberts, at her book signing in February of this year.

Mr. Engle has been married to his wife, Gula, for forty-six years and they have two children, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. He is active in his hometown of Martinsburg, West Virginia, volunteering and serving on various boards and committees. He spends his leisure time enjoying his family, gardening, traveling, eating lots of barbecue as a certified master judge of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, and, of course, writing.


D. Jeremy Doraido @ Newberry Executive Center-142 N. Queen Street

D. Jeremy Doraido (Elaine Breitenbach)  and R.E.A.D/Therapy Dog Merlin the Magician, a Harlequin Great Dane of noble stature, visit schools and the library to encourage young readers.  Like most dogs, he loves attention while sitting and listening to stories. But after 6 years, Merlin had to retire because of age.  Before Merlin joined the team, Jeremy read to children at schools, alone.  The dog really made the difference with hesitant readers. Jeremy loves to read, but mostly write and is a member of West Virginia Writers Inc. This is a first love of many years. Being with children has sparked an interest in young readers and some of their growing pains. Their need for direction from caring adults is the main theme of Jeremy’s

David is nine when Dad drowns on the last day of vacation.  Haunted by what he witnessed, he thinks life can’t get any worse.  That is until Mom marries Mr. Fulton, Dad’s business partner, a much older man.  To escape the beatings and verbal abuse, David runs away for the sixth time.  He is placed in foster care at the age of almost thirteen, until the court can find out whom to blame.  Fortunately he is placed with a caring man who is a teacher, and understands children and their needs. For a boy that has been accused of lying and stealing, no one will believe what he heard Mr. Fulton saying on the phone about his business dealings.

My website is http://www.doraidojeremy.com

Also there is a Facebook page for DreamCatcher

GUEST AUTHOR: Laurence Leamer, Best Selling Author and Journalist….

@ Flowers Unlimited-144 N. Queen Street

*Dinner with Laurence Leamer on Friday, April 22nd at Historic McFarland House-409 S. Queen Street Tickets: $25.00 to reserve a seat call the Main Street Martinsburg Office @ 304.262.4200

Early on in my life I decided that I wanted to experience as many kinds of lives as I could. I went to Antioch College, which had a work-study plan. I worked in several places including the What Cheer, Iowa Patriot-Chronicle, a factory in France, and educational television in Boston. After graduating, I joined the Peace Corps and was one of the earliest volunteers to Nepal where I had a remote placement two days walk from a road.

After two years in the mountain kingdom, I was awarded a Ford Fellow in International Development that I used at the University of Oregon. I started writing magazine articles with enough success that it led me to an International Fellowship at the Columbia University School of Journalism. Upon graduation I spent an immeasurably unhappy year as an associate editor at Newsweek. That convinced me that I didn’t want a boss, and bosses didn’t want me. That period was the end of the golden age of literary journalism and I began writing magazine articles for many publications including Harper’s, The New York Times Magazine, New York, Playboy and the Washingtonian. I worked incognito in a West Virginia coal mine where I broke my finger and wrote a piece that my agent sold to Harper’s. That led to an assignment covering the war in Bangladesh for Harper’s. That article won a citation from the Overseas Press Club for “Best Magazine Reporting.”

I couldn’t write quickly enough to make a living in the declining world of general interest magazines, and I turned to books. My study of the power players in the capital, Playing for Keeps in Washington, was named a notable book of the year by the New York Times. In 1979 I moved to Peru where I got to know one of the biggest drug dealers and wrote a novel, Assignment, about the cocaine traffic. Back in the United States I wrote Ascent: The Spiritual and Physical Quest of Willi Unsoeld, a biography of the man who climbed Everest in 1963 and had been the director of Peace Corps Nepal when I was there. Robert Redford and Columbia purchased the book for a movie that was never made. Ascent was reissued in paperback a few years ago.

I have many talented friends who can barely make livings writing books. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had a number of bestsellers starting with my book on the Reagans, Make-Believe: The Life of Nancy and Ronald Reagan.  My bestseller, King of the Night: The Life of Johnny Carson, is generally considered the definitive portrait of the late star and has been reissued in mass paperback. I suppose I’m best known for my trilogy on the Kennedys, The Kennedy Women, The Kennedy Men and Sons of Camelot. My biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fantastic, led me to living in LA for a while.  My book on Palm Beach, Madness Under the Royal Palms, was another New York Times bestseller and a highly controversial book.

My recent book, The Price of Justice, was published to some of the best reviews of my career in 2013.  It is the story of two lawyers’ struggle against Don Blankenship, the most powerful coal baron in American history.  I have been traveling around the country talking to lawyers, law students and general audiences about the book.

Whatever I am writing I always feel is the most exciting project of my career, but this time I feel it’s really the truth.  I’m writing a book about three Southern men—Governor George Wallace, Klan leader Robert Shelton, and civil rights leader Morris Dees—and their interwoven lives.  The book culminates in the 1981 lynching of nineteen-year-old Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama.

I am very fortunate to be writing about such important subjects, and I wake up every day excited to get to work.  I am blessed in having such a great wife, Vesna Obradovic Leamer, who takes care of everything else in our complicated lives.  I’m fortunate as well in having a terrific daughter, Daniela Mantilla, and two dynamite grandkids, Alejandro and Emilia.

Elizabeth Plume Fuss @ Bells & Bows Florist-118 W. Martin Street

A Faithful Soldier Writes Home

An old heavy suitcase that belonged to the widow of a World War II soldier had been moved from place to place over many years. The contents remained unknown other than an explanation to her daughter that it contained “your Daddy’s letters.” After the widow’s death the suitcase revealed a family treasure and a legacy – letters that tell the story of a soldier’s experience in Europe with the 83rd Division and portray a beautiful tale of love and devotion. They describe the heroic actions that earned a Bronze Star for Valor and a Purple Heart. There were also letters from and about the widow’s young brother who was killed when his B-24 Liberator was downed over Belgium the night before the D-Day invasion.

A Faithful Soldier Writes Home shares these letters and also accompanying pictures and documents in appendices such as General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s D-Day speech, Bronze Star citations and an award-winning essay What I Am Fighting For.

Ashley Hammond @ The Martinsburg Public Library-101 W. King Street

She graduated from Musselman High School, and went on to receive her Bachelors degree in English from American Public University, where she is currently employed. She is pursuing her Master of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She resides in Bunker Hill, WV, with her grandparents, Pearl and Aubrey, her uncle Artie, and her puppy Ira.

Title: Without Reason

Genre: New Adult

Short synopsis: When Simone first met Jacob, she wasn’t sure what to expect. He was older, mysterious, and a little intimidating. It just made her want to get to know him more, though, and she spent the next decade of her life loving him madly, wildly, and without reason.

Without Reason is the anthology of a relationship between two people who just can’t seem to get it right. Simone details the highest and lowest points of their love story, from their first night to their first fight, and finds herself asking the age old question: is loving someone really enough?

Website link—https://www.facebook.com/authorashleyhammond

S. J. Brown @ The Peking Resturant-139 S. Queen Street

Over the years, S. J. Brown has played with a number of artistic venues. Her love of the written word began in a high school English class and continues on today, but it is not her only artistic endeavor. Prior to becoming an author, Brown has experimented with sketching, stained glass, and even ran a ceramic business for several years.

Her love of wildlife photography began on a whim with an inexpensive 35mm camera, a few rolls of film, and a passion for nature. Quickly, her everyday life and wildlife photography became entwined. Somehow, even with a husband, a job, and household responsibilities, photographing found a place in the mix.

S. J. Brown’s book Close Ups & Close Encounters features over fifty of her wildlife photographs as well as the stories behind getting those images. S. J. Brown’s photographs and written words are her way of sharing her experiences. She hopes her work will give others an appreciation for the natural world.

S. J. Brown has published 2 coloring books based on her photographs, 1 for adults and one for children.  In addition her childrens picture books feature photographs for the little ones to enjoy.  All of her works will be available at the chocolate Fest & Book Faire. S. J Brown would like to invite everyone to stop by and talk critters with her.  Her website http://www.sjbrown.50megs features a variety of her images for everyone to enjoy.

Gage Shepherd @ The Martinsburg Public Library-101 W. King Street

Gage is a twelve-year-old student at Musselman Middle School.  He is the second of four children and a lover of science.  Gage published his first children’s book, “The Adventures of Comet: Comet Blasts Off!”  in July, 2014 at the age of 10 and has sold over 500 copies. “Comet Dives Deep!” followed in 2015.  His third book, “Comet Rides West!”  will be available in the fall of 2016.

The Adventure of Comet Series is geared toward children ages 4-7 and is also a learning tool for teachers to share with their students.  Gage enjoys teaching children about unusual things not found in common children’s books.  Through Gage’s book series, children will learn about Halley’s Comet, goblin sharks, blob fish, and desert ironwood trees.  Melissa Bailey, a professional children’s book illustrator from Michigan, brings Gage’s imagination to life through her beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Gage makes book presentations to school students and attends local events to market his books.  Gage plays flag football, snare drum and enjoys the fun of being a young boy.

Anissa Clay @ The Martinsburg Public Library-101 W. King Street

A 16 year old who lives in Findlay Township PA. She is a sophomore vocal major at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in Midland, PA. In addition to her love of writing, Anissa also has the gift of singing and songwriting. Anissa plays multiple instruments and has been singing and writing songs since she was a young child. She is also the adult choir director at Restoration Church of Christ.

Book Synopsis : When fifteen-year-old Delilah Danton undergoes an experimental procedure, she is able to see her future. After her mother dies and she is removed from her abusive father’s clutches, millionaire William Burns and his family adopt her and provide her with opportunities unavailable to her biological family. With this support, Delilah uses her natural talents and works hard to achieve her dreams. Along the way, she falls in love with the most popular boy in school but there is a dark side to their relationship. Knowing her destiny, can she change it? Will her special knowledge of the future force her to accept it?

Website: http://www.anissaclay.com

E. Elizabeth Watson @ Bank Books-145 S. Queen Street

Elizabeth lives in the Hedgesville with her four sons, husband, yellow lab and parakeet. She has a Master of Letters in Archaeology from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from The University of Texas at Austin. She was recently featured in The Journal for her new release, Prince of Lions. Before that, she was a 2014 Second Prize Quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest for an unpublished manuscript, and before that received an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Texas Observer Short Story Competition for her story entitled Freedom in the Raw. She began writing by publishing articles in academic journals Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness, and Culture, and The Journal of Big Bend Studies regarding her graduate school dissertation and an undergraduate research fellowship award project. Stay up to date with book signings and news on her website at http://www.eelizabethwatson.com, follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Author.E.Elizabeth.Watson/, and find her on Twitter @AuthorEEWatson

Deborah E. Hammond @ Berkeley Art Works-116 N. Queen Street

Author – Facebook and Twitter @DeborahHammon18

I will be presenting eight books at the Book and Chocolate Faire. All books will be available for sale at the event and are found on amazon.com in kindle and paperback versions.

Someone to Watch Over Me – The first contemporary novel by the author, it will be launched on April 23rd. Set in Winchester, VA, Capri, Italy and Wrightsville Beach, NC, it tells the story of Alexandra Wesson and Michael Grady. Although they attended high school together, their lives took divergent paths of opera and the military. As they build their careers, their lives intersect and reconnect until a fateful event in which Michael, on a secret mission for the Army; is captured in the Middle East. Alexandra must use all of her connections to secure Michael’s release and return him to the lives that they have planned.

In Another’s Shoes – Set in post WWI England, the novel tells the story of Jack Wainwright and Deidre Emerson-Smyth who having survived the war, now find that they must pick up in the lives of their elder brothers and bring their estates and their families out of the ashes of the war and into the new decade of the 1920s. Lovers of Downton Abbey will enjoy the time period and the changes in society chronicled in this book.

The Calling – Set in 2015 and 1715 England and Scotland, the novel brings time travel suspense to a story of second chances. Sara Pendleton arrives at Dearby Castle in 2015 for a reenactment only to find herself the guest of honor at the 1715 wedding of the Earl of Wakefield! Together they will attempt to rewrite history for the Warrenton family and find love along the way.

To Woo a Wife – Set in the Regency era of England, the Marquess of Ellingham is given an ultimatum to marry a wife of his grandfather’s choosing or risk ruin. The wedding is the first time that bride and groom meet and they must build a life from this marriage of convenience. An attempted kidnapping brings the marriage into perspective for both bride and groom.

Until You – Set in post WWII Europe, the novel chronicles Deidre Scott’s search for her art curator mentor in the ruins of the war. Aided by a battle scarred veteran of the war, Deidre finds both her mentor and a new mission; to help with the rebuilding of Europe.

The English Rose – Set in Lewes, Delaware before the War of 1812, the story is of two new immigrants to the US; Catherine Wentworth, sent to marry a man she has never met for the settlement of a debt and Cameron McCullum; a brash shipbuilder and designer from Scotland. Together they forge a new life in this new land and survive a bombardment in their hometown.

The Big Sky – Set in 1885 New Mexico, Catherine McCullum comes to the west to meet her Father and begin a new life on a western ranch. Her Father dies before her arrival and she must choose to remain or return to Lewes, Delaware. Those loving a western theme will enjoy.

In the Eye of the Storm – Surviving the Civil War, Elizabeth Majors must travel to London to secure her inheritance. Threats to her life ensue and she must navigate these threats as she forges a new life in the British Isles with her ship captain savior.

Eleanor Parker Sapia @ Casa Visone-120 N. Queen Street

Puerto Rican-born novelist,  was raised in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe. Eleanor’s careers as an artist, counselor, alternative health practitioner, Spanish language family support worker and a refugee case worker, continue to inspire her stories.

Eleanor’s debut novel, ‘A Decent Woman‘, set in turn of the nineteenth century Puerto Rico, was selected as 2015 July Book of the Month for Las Comadres & Friends National Latino Book Club. Eleanor is featured in the anthology, ‘Latina Authors and Their Muses’, edited by Mayra Calvani, and in the soon-to-be released anthology, Organic Coffee, Haphazardly Literary Society, edited by Allie Burke. Eleanor is a proud member of Las Comadres Para Las Americas, PEN America, The National Association of Professional Women, and the Historical Novel Society. She is a contributing writer at Organic Coffee, Haphazardly Literary Society. When not writing, she loves facilitating creativity groups, reads, and tells herself she is making plans to walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela a second time.

Eleanor adores her two adult children and currently lives in West Virginia, where she is happily writing her second novel, ‘The Lament of Sister Maria Immaculata’.


George Johnson @ Patterson’s Drug Store-134 S. Queen Street

A retired school teacher from Prince George’s County, Maryland.  He is a long time member of The Desert Rose Cafe Writers Group of Williamsport, Maryland.  His ambition to write came after he turned seventy years of age.  Acre, his first book took five years to complete.  Since, he has written two other books, plus a huge collection of short stories he hopes to publish in the near future.

My book Acre is about a boy who dreamed of playing major league baseball.  He worked very hard and made the majors at age 16, setting all kinds of records.  The book is bad language free and is suitable for any school library.  Included in the book are sadness, happiness, thrills, chills, and plenty of baseball.  He declared he would only play for ten years, and he retired at age twenty six to keep a promise.

Cheryle LaVonne @ Boyd’s Steakhouse-109 N. Queen Street

A resident of Martinsburg, WV, where she is a mother of two, grandmother of one grandson, a sister, aunt and friend to many.  She works full time for the federal government as a Database Administrator and writes as a hobby and business venture.  Cheryle is a self-published writer of romance fiction.

Her first novel, Ready for Love, was released in April 2013 and it received wonderful feedback.  Readers wanted more so she wrote the sequel, Living in Love, which was released in October 2014.  She is currently working on a third novel and plans to release it in early 2017.

To date Cheryle LaVonne has created a program for young ladies age 12-18 to encourage self-respect and to enhance self-esteem with a biblical basis.  My Beauty Inside and Out was welcomed at City of Hope Church, and the young ladies were excited about it.  As a result, she is adding more phases to cover other information helpful to releasing our young ladies into society.  It is her goal to present this program to youth groups in churches as well as civic communities.

Cheryle LaVonne has participated in the Chocolate Fest and Book Faire before and this will be the third time participating as an author.  Her inspirational phrase is ‘Share love today in preparation to share more love tomorrow!’  More information may be found at http://www.cherylelavonneconcepts.com, where her novels may be purchased in paperback version.  Ebook versions of both novels are available via http://www.amazon.com.

S. Marshall Wilson @ Uncle Joe Barbershop-204 N. Queen Street

Is the husband of a formidable woman and father of the mighty nine. He grew up in the southern United States and joined the Army as an Infantry Officer. He has lived in such exotic locales as Peru, where he served as a teacher among tribal people in the Amazon River basin;Iraq, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service as a commander of Sappers;and Germany, where he served as a military spouse and general agitator.He prefers to live among and write about strong people who live purposefully and occasionally make mistakes.

All men have heard tales of Mathan son of Ardal, Mad Bear of the Western Dearth, but who can say if any are true?

One man knows.

For forty years, Tigue, Bard of Taermun, stumbled beside him, carried his burdens and fought his wars. He was there in Mathan’s youth. He was there at the end.

Pay heed then to the declaration of the bard for herein is no mere tale, but the faithful testimony of a scrupulous witness… and a legend of the truest sort.

Daniel Boyd @ Boyd’s Steakhouse-109 N. Queen Street

Author of the new graphic novel Carbon is receiving its big national rollout from publisher Caliber Comics. Hollywood is showing interest in several Caliber titles, including Carbon. Boyd, a West Virginia State University Professor when he’s not making indy films and writing graphic novels, is about to wind up on the wrong side of the fence from a lot of his Mountain State neighbors.

In Boyd’s Carbon epic, the only thing that stands in the way of the end of the world is a tight knit group of courageous coal miners. In fact, Boyd dedicated Carbon to coal miners and says “ whatever side of the debate over the industry you fall on, miners are the often the unsung heroes.” Boyd says that he’s 100% “pro-miner,” and that his graphic novels “primary goal is to entertain, but the story also reflects many real and complicated issues that face the coal industry today.”

Zero Gravity Management in LA represents Carbon publisher Caliber Comics intellectual property for development across all multimedia platforms. “This could ultimately result in a Carbon movie or television series, which of course could be great for West Virginia and the people here. Somehow I doubt if the West Virginia Coal Association will be coming aboard as a supporter though, and that’s pretty bad, since they’re supposedly beloved coal miners are the heroes of our story,” says Boyd.  “But they know where their bread is buttered, and I’m sure some coal operators, will have something to say after they get their hands on Carbon.”  Boyd is also a filmmaker of cult classics including Strangest Dreams: Invasion of the Space Preachers and Chillers (the big screen version of one of his previous graphic novels). Troma has just rolled out a DVD double feature of these two will be available on his website.

“Boyd marries sci-fi monster flick ideas with Appalachian tragedy, showing us imaginative allegory and authentic profundity do not have to be mutually exclusive.” Chris Oxley, Ain’t it Cool News.

BOOK: http://www.danielboyd.com/shop or www.amazon.com/Carbon-Daniel-Boyd

WEBSITE: http://www.danielboyd.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DanielBoydAuthor

Tami Cox (Rasel) @ Yes, M.A.M.-123 N. Queen Street

Born in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was from Martinsburg, WV and Tami spent many of her teenage summers in the Martinsburg area. Always having had a love for books, there is never a time she is not reading one. Authors Betty Smith and Earl Hamner Jr. are among some of her heroes and her greatest inspiration. Currently, Tami has written and published four novels: Her first novel, “The Spirits of Gettysburg;Tales of a Ghost Tour Guide” was published in her married name, Tami Rasel. Her current novels are the “Blue Moon Over Martinsburg” series by Tami Cox. Her short story, “The Bravest Damn Irishmen in Baltimore” by Tami Rasel, has won several awards including a special recognition from The Writer’s Digest and has been published in two anthologies. Tami Cox (Rasel) has written for the Harrisburg Examiner, The Civil War Courier, and The York Daily Record. She currently resides outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and her yellow lab, Sadie.

Author page:  http://www.amazon.com/Tami-Cox/e/B00IIU9UKA/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

“Michael T” Myers @ Crim De La Crim Antiques-137 N. Queen Street

A graduate of Hagerstown Community College and Shepherd University.  He is a Magician, Minister, Motivational Speaker, Emcee, Hypnotherapist, Teacher, Poet, WV Auctioneer #1704 and now a Children’s Author.  Michael T. lives in Falling Waters, WV with his beautiful wife, J.J.  As an educator, Michael T. likes to teach with everything he does.  His newest book, “The Land of the 5R’s” is a reflection of his lifelong belief that the path to success and happiness is through paying attention in school, taking responsibility for our actions, and respecting others.

Bob O’Connor @ Habanero Mexican Grill-100 N. Queen Street


“The Perfect Steel Trap Harpers Ferry 1859”—The John Brown raid, capture, trial and execution

“The Virginian Who Might Have Saved Lincoln” The story of Abraham Lincoln’s bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon

“Catesby: Eyewitness to the Civil War”—story of a real slave and his attempt to become a free man

“The US Colored Troops at Andersonville Prison” First account of the black prisoners in the infamous Civil War Prison

“The Centennial History of Ranson WV—1910 - 2010”

“The Life of Abraham Lincoln: As President” written by Ward Hill Lamon circa 1880 and edited by Bob O’Connor from his unpublished manuscript

“A House Divided Against Itself”—Story of the only two brother who fought against each other twice during the Civil War

“The Return of Catesby”—sequel to “Catesby: Eyewitness to the Civil War”—Story of the first colored male teacher at Storer College

“Countdown to WV Statehood”—Story of how the state of West Virginia was formed.

The Amazing Legacy of James E. Hanger, Civil War Soldier—The story of the Civil War’s first amputee and his company that today is 154 years old

Roger Kirby @ TLC Photography-155 N. Queen Street

Author of Letter to Autumn, a Fathers Love storyThis story is 12 years of a journey taken by me as a grieving father, my ups and downs and how I process loss. On April 8, 2001 I experienced the worst day of my life, the loss of my beautiful 19 month old daughter Autumn Rae. It was a day like any other I had gone to work that beautiful Sunday morning, finished my day and returned home. Home is where the heart is and where my family and I live and love. We reside in a very rural area at the base of the mountain 3 miles off the secondary road in the pastoral setting. I’ve heard it said that men grieve entirely different than women I know this to be a fact my wife Michelle and I process this loss entirely different this is the loss through my eyes as a father.

Barry Robert Starliper @ The Martinsburg-Berkeley County Convention & Visitors Bureau-126 E. Race Street @ Belle Boyd House

Author of The Apostle Jesus-The Kingdom Among Us

Much of what is called “apostolic” in the church today does not measure up to the biblical model, says Barry Starliper in The Apostle Jesus. In many cases, the so-called “apostolic” has become simply another avenue for self-styled “apostles” to exert control over other believers. True apostolic ministry takes after the ministry of Jesus Christ, the first Apostle, or “sent one,” from God. Jesus came to inaugurate the Kingdom of heaven, not establish an institution. He came to liberate the lost, not found a religion. Unfortunately, the body of Christ on earth got off track almost from the beginning: “Jesus came preaching the Kingdom, and what arrived was the Church.” After His ascension and the deaths of all the original apostles, the non-sectarian, egalitarian family of believers that Christ called together as His “church,” His body on earth, morphed into the “Church,” a rigid, institutionalized religious edifice full of rituals, rules, and hierarchies of authority that are completely foreign to the Kingdom of heaven that Christ preached. Religion has replaced dynamic relationships with the living Word of God, the Apostle Jesus. In The Apostle Jesus, Barry Starliper unpacks these issues and reveals the true church, the true Kingdom of heaven—and the true Jesus—you have always wanted to know.

Michelle & Frank Ceravalo @ BBI Realty-123 S. Queen Street

Award-winning photographer frames West Virginia landscapes

In February 1983 the Shenandoah Valley experienced a 30-inch snowfall. One of the things Frank Ceravalo and his new wife realized was that they did not have a camera to take pictures of the event. As soon as the snow melted enough to move, they went to a local photo shop and purchased a used 35mm range finder camera. Ceravalo was given a 12-exposure roll of film and told to go out, give it a try, and bring the camera back if he did not like the results. One of the images from that roll resulted in his first landscape. Since then he has improved his technique and equipment, but the main focus of his photography has remained the same: nature and landscape photography.

Frank Ceravalo’s new book of Mountain State landscapes – West Virginia A Wider View – recently won Best Photography Book at the 2014 Great Midwest Book Festival in Chicago. It is published by Headline Books Inc. in Terra Alta.

“This book represents a body of work I started in 2002 focused on producing images with a wider-than-normal aspect ratio from some of my favorite places around West Virginia,” Ceravalo said. “These panoramic images provide a unique perspective to the landscape of my home state. Whether the shot was taken after multiple trips in the middle of the night to the same location, or a single moment in time captured quickly before it passed, each capture tells its own story.

“One of my goals in photography is to produce a final product that invites the viewer to step into the scene,” he said. “These wider format images provide a vehicle for doing just that. I hope that as you view the pages of this book you feel yourself transported to these wonderful places our state has to offer.”

Ceravalo’s formal photographic training consists of adult education classes and several seminars. The majority of his education has been from personal reading, analyzing the work and technique of the top nature and landscape photographers, and his own experimentation in the field. Ceravalo has a BS degree in chemical engineering and spent more than 25 years in industry and feels that the training as an engineer has helped with the technical aspect of photography. More importantly the use of the engineering mindset of always looking for different ways of viewing a situation and adapting to it assists in capturing the image. He particularly likes morning for the quality of light but also for the effects of fog that are more prominent in the morning.

A majority of Ceravalo’s work is from West Virginia, Virginia, and Western Maryland, but also includes images from a variety of places like the Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone, Alaska, Maine, Bavaria, Japan and Italy.

Ceravalo started with 35mm film and now shoots totally in digital to produce his photographs, viewing the type of camera used as only the tool to achieve the desired image. With these tools My website is http://www.vistawv.com

Michelle Ceravalo

Michelle Ceravalo is a proud West Virginia native.  Her love for education began as a volunteer at her children’s school, which later led to receiving her teaching degree.  She taught for fourteen years until her love for education drew her to expand her horizons as an author of student text/workbooks and teacher guides.  She continues to be a substitute teacher so she can continue working in the classroom and interacting with students.

Wendi Hartman @ BE Hive-205 N. Queen Street

A woman with a very diverse background. The daughter of a career firefighter and Pennsylvania farm girl, she learned the value of hard work and caring about others from her youth on up. As a Christian believer, a graduate of a small Christian college, and a friend to many in he plain communities, Wendi believes it is very important to live one’s faith daily and be and encouragement to others, which she does not only with her writing but through her business, Wendi’s Works & Writings, where she Happily Offers People Encouragement through puppetry, balloon art, face/hand painting and many other avenues. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Mike, her four-legged child, Miss Boo-Boo and her clucking child Miss Blaze.

The Amish Impact:From City to Farm

When Eli(12) and Elizabeth (11) Hopewell learn that they are leaving their beloved Boston and moving to rural Pennsylvania, they know their lives will never be the same. This new chapter in their story quickly becomes intriguing as they uncover never-before-told secrets from their parents’ upbringing among the “plain” Brethren and Amish communities. A providential reunion with their estranged Amish relatives gives the brother and sister their first opportunity to experience the Amish way of life…the first of many to come in this entertaining series.

A New Season

After returning from their visit to Mammi Esh’s Amish farm, Eli and Elizabeth Hopewell are eager to continue getting to know Grandpa Samuel and Grandma Rebecca Hopewell. As Grandma teaches Elizabeth how to crochet and bake, and Grandpa introduces Eli to his animals and fence painting, the brother and sister each begin to ask questions about faith. Through Grandma and Grandpa’s prayers and gentle guidance, Eli and Elizabeth step fully into this new season—a season of discovering their family story, and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Steve Crabill @ BE-Hive-205 N. Queen Street

Just because Steve Crabill was born and raised in northern Virginia, he wants everyone to know that he never had a silver spoon in his mouth or any other body cavity for that matter! His childhood was shared with four younger siblings and two devoted parents.

After three years in the Army and combat in Viet Nam, Steve started chasing his old dream of becoming a veterinarian. Dean’s list, chemistry major, it went along swimmingly until the money ran out! It was a wild ride folks, and Steve has this way of remembering everything in living color. Almost by accident his story telling passion turned to writing.

About the Book by Steve Crabill

Steve Crabill has always loved a good story, and believes it gives us a commonality and triggers something in our hearts. Steve has been telling stories since he was a kid. He has been writing stories for twelve years and has been published in Thunder Run, a quarterly magazine for his beloved 11th Armored Cavalry Association. As a member of Chesapeake Bay Writers, he recently won first place in their All Star Gala Writing Competition. He enjoys reading his creative non-fiction short stories with this writers group every month.

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face is a series of short stories that provide pictures of life in all its magic, mystery, and brutality. How about stepping in dog doo and having to ride home on the roof of the family car, for instance? Sound familiar? No? Okay then: you’re working in a veterinary hospital as a teenager, and you have to tell a beautiful young woman that her dog is dead! Just all in a day’s work, and weird work, too! On we go, right to edge of insanity in South East Asia. A twenty-two year old tank driver with nine lives. How does one mainstream back into the “flower child” community after this? It ain’t easy! Step right up folks, you are going to be pulled up, down, and sideways through Steve Crabill’s narrative.

Linda Lamneck Medwig @ DeFluri’s Fine Chocolates-130 N. Queen Street

Linda Medwig was in college, majoring in Elementary Education when she was assigned to create a book for young children. The author penned a delightful story about two bunny friends who are kept apart by a big problem. She turned to her mother, an accomplished artist, for the illustrations. Together mother and daughter produced a single book that the professor thought could qualify for publication.

What took so long? “Life!” says the author, “Life got in the way…working, raising a family..taking care of ill parents.” In the case of the author’s mother, it was Alzheimer’s that took her artistic abilities and she passed away in 2012.

The release of THE BIG SNEEZE is a dream realized. Everything about it is original with the exception of the character’s names, which Linda replaced with the names of her grandchildren. The playful and gentle story, illuminated by its beautiful illustrations, evoke the more innocent attitudes of the time in which it was written.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of THE BIG SNEEZE will be donated to the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of its illustrator, Caroline Wissinger.

Linda Lamneck Medwig is a retired Preschool and Kindergarten teacher. She makes her home in Mars, PA with her husband, Terry.

Costen Young @ All About Fabric-248 N. Queen Street


Lady Aeliraneth Ulberath, the most infamous witch of her time, had many names. To Cyrus, she’d only had one: Mother. The fires that had taken her life had long since burned out. Now the only witch Cyrus wanted in his life was B’lantra, the physician’s apprentice he’d grown to love.

Cold memories were all that remained of Mother’s legacy… or so he thought. After ten years, Aeliraneth’s killers have tracked him down. Cyrus and B’lantra will find few allies in a land where witches and their kin are hated and feared.

Who hold the answers they need to stay alive? Celaan, the dark empress who has commanded them to find the ancient artifact Aeliraneth sought before her death? Asa, the sadistic huntress determined to bring them before her unseen master? Or the technologically advanced insurgents who threaten to plunge the nation into chaos?

To save their future, Cyrus and B’lantra must enter the long shadow Aeliraneth has cast— before it covers everything in darkness.

As a precocious five-year-old, Costen helped Luke Skywalker and company take down the Death Star— in his young imagination anyway.  Not long after that, he took a fateful journey with a hobbit, a wizard and thirteen dwarves to separate a dragon from his ill-gotten hoard.

He went on to snare a degree in Communications from Shepherd University, and later returned to add another in accounting.  Over the years, he’s worked as a machinist, an accountant, a news reporter and a little bit of everything in between.

Costen currently lives near Shepherdstown, WV with two loyal (if demanding) cats and as yet unfulfilled plans for world domination.

Tracy Ball @ Peking Restaurant-139 S. Queen Street

My Book is entitled: The Right Way To Be Wrong Tracy’s family is blended from three distinct cultures. Over the years, she has opened her home to foster children, drug addicts, AIDS victims and anyone who needed an assist. She has an equal number of liberal and conservative friends. She knows people who have committed murder and she knows people who have dined with the Pope.

Which is why she writes sweet stories about tough love.


Marie Gretta Parker-Advocate Insurance-111 S. Queen Street

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