Rocker Gabbie Rae Joins Cast of Wrongside Bob, Feature Film Musical by Star
Trek: Voyager Writer and Producer James Kahn

Los Angeles, CA - November 5, 2015 –
Producers James Kahn and Christine Fry announce the addition of rising
seventeen-year-old rock star and actress Gabbie Rae to the cast of their latest
feature film Wrongside Bob to
play the role of Claire, the gangster’s girlfriend, as the crowdfunding
campaign on Indiegogo continues.

Featured on VH-1’s
Best Week Ever, Gabbie Rae has “the ability to sing any style song, with
the heart and emotion of a legendary performer.” The production team looks forward to
bringing this gifted singer/actress on board to embody Claire’s funny, scared,
brave character.

Inspired by Kahn’s
own CD of Roots music, Man Walks Into A Bar, the heartfelt indie
feature film is a genre crossing of noir and country. Enriched by Americana music
evoking the trials of the bikers, dancers, loners and pretenders who populate
the bar, the comedy/drama film concerns a drifter with amnesia struggling to
remember his past, who runs into Bob, a man desperate to forget his own.
The film stars distinguished actor/singer/songwriter Ronny
Cox (Deliverance, Robocop,Total Recall) in the title role.

“This is a film
about the masks we all wear,” says writer-director Kahn, who also wrote and
produced Melrose Place and Star Trek: Voyager. “The way we hide
our deepest shadows from the world – and often from ourselves, as well.” This
is a passion project for Kahn, who has spent most of his screen career crafting
stories for other producers. "This is a narrative inspired by my own
music, which is not only some of my best writing, buts hews closest to the

The production is raising funds for the project on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/wrongsidebob.  The rewards for contributing to the campaign include swag
from the film, signed copies of the movie, CD, and script, and extremely rare
limited edition science fiction/fantasy, television, and film memorabilia from
franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Kahn’s own New World trilogy.
The production will
donate 1% of its crowdfunding proceeds to the Enable Community Foundation,
a nonprofit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to 3D print and give away prosthetic
hands to children who need them. The campaign for Wrongside Bob ends November 18.

Wrongside Bob is slated
to begin principal photography in 2016 and anticipates release at the end of
that year. For more
information, please visit http://wrongsidebob.com.

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