An increasing number of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users — specifically, those of the Matte Black variety — are reporting that the paint ornamenting their devices has been chipping away, according to a discussion thread posted to Apple’s official Support forums.

It should perhaps be expected that a brand-new, spotless gadget would endure the usual ‘wear and tear’ from simply being used day in and day out, right? For a premium device like Apple’s iPhone 7,  the simple fact that paint is casually chipping away is likely to raise concern.

Matte Black iPhone 7 Paint Chipping via Mashable

“I’ve bought my iPhone 7 Plus and after 3 weeks the paint started chipping/peeling near the right speakers,” one user writes. “I have contacted Apple care and they asked to send a few images of the problem and after 12 days they told me it is not covered under warranty since it is under cosmetic damage.”

The paint chipping, according to most users, appears to be happening around the speaker grilles, around the back of the device near the Apple logo, and around its smooth, curved edges. And while the number of people lodging complaints in regards to this issue is relatively small — at least for now — it should also be noted that the thread of users griping about it is already up to four pages in length. Moreover, it appears that users of the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus have been affected more so than their standard iPhone 7 counterparts.

“I have the same issue with my iPhone 7 Plus in matte black,” another user writes. “It started chipping on the back portion near the Apple logo the 1st week I’ve used it and on the 2nd week the speaker grille and the corners of the volume button chipped as well.”

Possible Solutions for iPhone 7 Paint Chipping

While an obvious defense against cosmetic issues of the such would be to put a case on the device, several users also report that even having done so — straight out of the box, even — has not prevented the luster of their Matte Black-clad handsets from being compromised.

On a positive note: some users are also reporting that they’re able to remedy the chipped paint by simply going over the affected areas using black acrylic paint, which can be purchased from your local craft store or online. However, though that may solve the issue in the affected areas, it by no means will prevent them from materializing in others.

Apple has not addressed the issue publicly — likely because it only affects a certain segment of users, and, as some pointed out, is a cosmetic issue not covered under the company’s standard warranty. However, if the trend continues, it’s likely we’ll hear something from Cupertino soon.

How is your Matte Black iPhone 7 holding up? Let us know in the comments!

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