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  • TIP: This article is a transcription of SANE multimedia you can enjoy by clicking here. Jonathan: Hey, everyone, Jonathan Bailor back, and I am so excited about today’s session. In fact, you may have to turn your speakers down a little bit because I...

  • By Guy Lawrence Unless you’ve had your head under a rock recently, you probably know that Saturated Fat has been getting a lot of good press. If you want to learn why eating saturated fat is good for you, the best foods for exercise and...

  • CNHC update for camclub enews November 2013 Success on the Side – Jing Are you converting enough beta-carotene to Vitamin A? CNHC update for camclub enews November 2013 CNHC special announcement 1. CNHC celebrates new quality stamp of approval...

  • What you’ll find below are what we consider a top selection of nutritional information from across diverse theories. Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we do not endorse or promote any particular diet, or eating theory. We...

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    People who are obese or overweight at some point in their adult lives have an elevated risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other causes, according to a new study by researchers from ...

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