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  • 10/26/2015 Caltech Physicists Uncover Novel Phase of Matter Finding could have implications for high-temperature superconductivity A team of physicists led by Caltech's David Hsieh has discovered an unusual form of matter—not a conventional metal...

  • A team of physicists led by Caltech’s David Hsieh has discovered an unusual form of matter—not a conventional metal, insulator, or magnet, for example, but something entirely different. This phase, characterized by an unusual ordering of electrons, offers...

  • System Bits: Oct. 27
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    Uncovering a novel phase of matter In a finding that could have implications for high-temperature superconductivity, a team of physicists led by David Hsieh, assistant professor of physics at Caltech has discovered an unusual phase of matter that is...

  • This thesis focuses on the commissioning and characterization of HARMONIUM, an ultrafast tunable EUV source based on high-harmonic generation for performing photoelectron spectroscopy of liquids. In ultrafast photoelectron spectroscopy a short pump pulse...

  • To unlock the vast potential of metal oxide interfaces, especially those buried in subsurface layers, scientists need even more detailed knowledge of their electronic structure. And a new technique - called SWARPES, for Standing Wave Angle-Resolved Photoemission...

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