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  • Steven Evans
    via houstonartfair

    Steven Evans, Executive Director, FotoFest International Steven Evans is an artist, writer, curator and executive director of the award-winning arts organization FotoFest International, which founded and sponsors the first and longest running international...

  • FotoFest 2016 Biennial Curators, left to right: Steven Evans, Wendy Watriss, Frederick Baldwin. FotoFest 2016 Biennial CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES Looking at the Future of the Planet March 12–April 24, 2016 Houston, Texas USA www.fotofest.org Share ...

  • Susan Derges, Tide Pool 39 (2015). Photo: courtesy of the artist and Purdy Hicks Gallery, London. Houston's FotoFest International has announced the 32 participating artists for the 2016 edition of the US's oldest photographic arts festival. The fair...

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE: New York University Abu Dhabi Institute has announced a series of events open to the public throughout the month of April. Driven towards fostering students creativity and critical reflection, this is one of the university’s initiatives...

  • Name: Lens Culture FotoFest Paris Organizer: In collaboration between FotoFest International and Lens Culture Date & Place: November 12-14, 2012. Paris, France Application Deadline: until full Number of Participants: 163 (in 2011) Profiles of...

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