Henkor. Internet spesie karp winkel vir al jou hengel noodsaaklikhede.


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  •  a i ad ah al am an ar as at au ax ba be bi by cm co do ed eg eh el en er et ex fa ft go gu ha he hi ho id if in is it kg km ko ky la lp ma me mi mo mr ms mu my na no nu ny od of oh ok on op or os ow ox pa pc pe pi po pu ra re sa se so to tv uh un up...

  • Backyard Fun
    via floridasportsman

    Recent freshwater fishing reports from all around the state. Backyard Fun Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness Plenty of dinner plate sized gills around. They were being difficult but, in the end they eventually succumbed to bread balls on a...

  • 40 brilliant carp tips!
    via fish-on-friday

    Here’s a clever little tip to fool extra wary carp. Soak your boilies in water for, say, 24 hours before use. The result will be a ‘washed out’ look that gives the impression of a bait that has been sat on the lake bed for days and is therefore safe...

  • A 2 lb roach to many is classified as a fish of a lifetime. However if you choose the right venue, get your tactics right and put in some extra effort into each session and such a fish could just grace your landing net sooner than you think. Anglers...

  • Tis the season to be merry… and carpy Christmas is just round the corner, and that means the carp lover in your life will probably be hoping for a little special something to fill their stockings. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help! We’ve...

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