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  • IT pros now have the added responsibilities of having to know how to troubleshoot performance issues in apps and servers that are hosted remotely, in addition to monitoring and managing servers and apps that are hosted locally. This is where tools like...

  • In this article we will migrate from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. In this short series we’ll be focusing on the implementation and migration steps to move from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016, rather than implementing features like Database Availability...

  • In a previous blog post, we discussed the installation of ProxySQL and its configuration system. In today’s post, we’ll set up ProxySQL to work in a MySQL Replication environment managed by  ClusterControl. We will take a look at the metrics it provides...

  • Data-Driven User Engagement
    via planetbigdata

    The promise of data and analytics for product companies is that they can help you understand usage, and improve your ability to build, deploy, and service products to customers much more accurately and efficiently. By building a product analytics capability...

  • Parameter Tuning with Hyperopt
    via districtdatalabs.silvrback

    This post will cover a few things needed to quickly implement a fast, principled method for machine learning model parameter tuning. There are two common methods of parameter tuning: grid search and random search. Each have their pros and cons. Grid...

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  • Happy SysAdm: Intel G530 NAS performance - part 3

    I keep the momentum of testing my newly built NAS and I am focusing today on improving the performance of my SSD drive. Let me remind you ...

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