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  • DeafDigest Blue – April 20, 2014 Blue Edition              Barry Strassler, Editor – updated every Monday America’s Unique Deaf Stories; subscription...

  • This is a cross-post from Amelia Greenhall’s blog. I am very hopeful that other intersectional feminist tech publications – possibly many others – will start in the coming year. This blog post is my way of supporting these nascent publications: an offering...

  • Naija Jobs Daily
    via careerpathng.blogspot

    Your RSS feed from Update your RSS subscription Naija Jobs Daily New Jobs Vacancies, Every Day! // via Fresh Career Opportunity At British High Commission (BHC) 3:16:00 PM Gist Naija The British High Commission...

  • MASTERNAUT BRINGS NEXT GENERATION TELEMATICS TO THE CV SHOW Stand 4J120 Masternaut, the largest European provider of telematics solutions, will demonstrate its next generation telematics platform, Masternaut Connect, at the CV Show. Experts will be...

  • Irish Water have published their Data Protection notice on their website. This document is a key element in any organisation’s data protection compliance. It is the way in which the organisation demonstrates “fair obtaining” of personal data and sets...

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