Green Pastures Farm. And with my wife, Jan, we raise cattle, sheep, mushrooms, pigs and chickens on 1620 acres of owned and leased land in Rucker, Missouri...

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  • Local Food 101: Beef
    via gnowfglins

    Knowing your food and your farmer. We talk about this, but why is it important? So you can support farmers who practice sustainable agriculture that improves the land, soil, and animal health; to provide healthy nourishment for your and your family;...

  • When new preppers begin planning their retreat or bug-out location they often first visualize an abundant garden, overflowing with fruit and vegetables, and focus their food production efforts on learning to garden. This is a wise approach indeed, but...

  • Among the Curd Nerds
    via gourmetnews

    By Lorrie Baumann The American Cheese Society presented its Lifetime Achievement Award this year to Mike and Carol Gingrich, who, together with their partners Dan and Jeanne Patenaude, are the people behind Pleasant Ridge Reserve, the only cheese ever...

  • Managed Intensive Grazing (MIG) is also commonly known by several names, including Intensive Cell grazing, Rotational Grazing, Mob Grazing, or High-Density Grazing. It is a grazing practice that is quickly gaining popularity in the grass-fed, naturally...

  • 2016 Conference Program
    via now.motherearthnews

    About the Conference Become a Sponsor Full Conference Program Short Courses Mini Courses Off-site Course Field Trips Special Events Presenters REGISTRATION Fee Waivers Look Who's Coming! Tradeshow and Exhibits Advertising Poster Display...

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Pasture Grazed Beef: 100% grass-fed beef direct from our farm to you popular pages

  • Green Pastures Farm Online Store

    Rejuvenating Soils, Pastures and Profits with Livestock Grazing Management If you have six cows or 6000, you can utilize High Density Grazing to create fertile soils, lush pastures, and healthy livest...

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