Golf Course Supplies. Golf course equipment manufacturing for Sub Saharan Africa

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  • A E EVANS A E Evans is a market leader in the design and supply of timber-based playground equipment, leisure and amenity products sold predominately to the trade for re-sale in the play and leisure markets. From  Clamber Stacks and the traditional...

  • 2016 Japan Three Island Blog
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    2016 Japan Three Island Blog by Phil Freeman Saturday, March 26th This was our first official start day of the trip and already more than half of the 19 had arrived. They were out wondering around, exploring the city, eating raw things, and enjoying...

  • Dr. V’s Magical Putter
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    A letter from Grantland editor-in-chief Bill Simmons on the origins of this story and how it came to be published can be read here. A guest editorial from Christina Kahrl detailing the problems with this piece as they relate to transgender...

  • It works thus- after finishing a round, identify the 3 highest individual hole scores and then eliminate them. In this format, the tombstone term signifies the object placed in the ground on the spot where the golfer’s round comes to an end. Overall...

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    Golf Glossary and Golf Terms A Aiming: The act of aligning the clubface to the target. Alignment: The position of the body in relation to the initial target. Angle of Approach (or Attack): A term that describes the relative angle which the clubhead...

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    Greens Accessories [1] Safety/Clubhouse [2] Fairway Accessories [3] Safety and Main...


    Website developed by: Golf Course Supplies was established on the 24th November 1989 originally manufacturing a total of 11 products, currently manufacturing over 50 products developed to suit ...

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    Polypropylene and is cost effective with easy to Replace brackets. These drag mats are cheaper to Transport with the 1.5m drag mat weighing just 17kg And the 2m drag mat weighing 22kg Drag Mat 1.5m x ...

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