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  • The leading national Democrat and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says some strange things and some sensible things too. The sensible statements are not hard to discern. They include reasonable observations about: the moral obscenity and undemocratic...

  • My white Uber driver said “n—er” and immediately regretted it. In the days after Donald Trump’s election, I was wary about visiting my family in Virginia for the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t care if the state voted blue — it’s surrounded by a whole...

  • ELDER PATRIOT – If history teaches us anything it’s that super rich elites will stop at nothing to control the levers of government in order to increase their personal wealth. Even over the past 53 years we have seen multiple occasions of Globalists...

  • In the moments before he took the stage at NBCUniversal's "A Concert for Hurricane Relief" on Sept. 2, 2005, Kanye West looked calm. Up to that point, the charity telethon for Hurricane Katrina's victims had gone as well as could have been expected...

  • The Weekend She Lost the Election
    via justabovesunset.wordpress

    On the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 – this time on a Sunday – Americans were supposed to feel sad and resolute and determined, and united. But that gets harder each year. The Iraq war didn’t fix anything. The war we neglected as not as important as...

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