“Wordbook.nl is a one-stop shop for terminology resources aimed at translators and terminologists, with a focus on Dutch/English.

Although the bulk of this site consists of Dutch-English resources, if you scroll down you will also find other languages (English, Dutch, and Flemish) and language combinations (Dutch-French, Dutch-Russian).

– 2400 x Liever Nederlands (onnodig Engels).
– (Vernieuwd) Overzicht militaire afkortingen Versie: 01-10-2012.

– AGARD: Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary (by the NATO Research and Technology Organisation), 1980.
– AIRGLOSS: Air Infiltration Glossary (NL-EN), by Carolyn Allen et al. (Oscar Faber Partnership, 1988).
– ANNEX 31: Glossary (terms re: the environmental performance of buildings) (256 entries) (Download).
– Antalis.nl: (NL/EN/FR/DE) glossary of paper industry terms, w/ ENG defs (1,726 entries) (Download).
– Avalon.infoteur.nl (Woordenschat per thema) (908 entries) (Download).
– Luc Ockers’ Glossary of Animal Names (Latin/EN/NL/DE/FR) (www.ockers.be) (7,197 entries) (Download).
– ADP: Human Resources Lexicon: 2,000 NL-EN entries re. payroll & HR administration (Download).
– Van Amerongen, F. Terminologie Financieel Management NL-EN, (2001) (+ 4,000 entries).
– Antiquarian Dictionary in four languages (964 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Art & Architecture Thesaurus – NL/EN.
– Glossary of Automotive terms, by W.P.Barendsen & D. Belau 2001 (167 NL-EN-DE entries) (Download).
– Apple Glossary (43,698 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Mac OSX Glossary (2012-12-16) (176,064 entries) (Download).
– Automotive Glossary: Technisch Woordenboek Engels Nederlands (1,462 NL/EN entries) (Download).
– Autowoordenboek (Japanese-English – Dutch Translation Glossary) by Parahuys (Download).
– Autowoordenboek.nl, Deel 1 Engels-Nederlands / Henk Wagenaar Hummelinck (Download).
– Autowoordenboek.nl, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels / Henk Wagenaar Hummelinck (15,430 entries) (Download).

– Bouwkundige termen Nederlands/Engels/Duits/Frans (www.keuringen.nl) (562 entries) (Download).
– www.beltrans.org: Great site with lots of good resources and links.
– Bense, J.F.: A Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary (Martinus Nijhoff, 1939).
– Bicycle & Travel Dictionary (Dutch-English), Edwin Seldenthuis (279 entries).
– Botanical Glossary, John Bruinsma & Wim van der Ven (botanical & landscape terms) (1,777 entries).
– Bova.nl: Automotive Glossary (2,484 entries).
– Beer and Brewing Terminology: Vertaling Engelse brouwerstermen naar het Nederlands, (3,000 entries).
– Brepols’ Engels woordenboek, J.R.S. Cauberghe (2 volumes) (1,816 pages) (Published in 1940, by Brepols).
– Broekhof, K.: Notebook: Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels. (4de) (Sardes, 1999).
– Burrough-Boenisch, J.:Righting English that’s gone Dutch (2nd edition).

– Calculus 2 voor Bouwkunde / Calculus Glossary (Woordenlijst EN-NL .PDF) (191 NL-EN entries).
– Cassell’s English Dutch, Dutch English Dictionary, H Coenders (Continuum, 2000) (1,582 pages).
– Centexbel.be: Textiel woordenboek NL-EN (2,000 entries).
– CIMAC Lexicon (technical terms used in internal combustion engine & gas turbine industries (567 entries).
– CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor terminology (562 NL-EN entries).
– Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV) (10,359 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Computerwoorden.nl (493 entries).
– De Clerck, Walter: Nijhoffs Zuidnederlands woordenboek (Nijhoff, 1981, 854pp).
– De Valks Juridisch Woordenboek, derde druk: Dirix, Eric; Tilleman, Bernard.
– Delévaque, J.: SRI Woordenboek scheeps-, regel- en installatietechniek (SRT vertaalbureau en uitgeverij).
– Dict.cc (12,101 NL-EN entries).
– Dicts.info: Free dictionaries project (tons of languages)(4,311 NL-EN entries).
– Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering: EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, S.N. Korchomkin et al. (Kluwer, 1985).
– Dictionary of Corporate Finance & Investment: EN/DE/FR/NL, D. Phillips & M. Whysall (Wolters Plantyn).
– Dictionary of Molinology (English – German – French – Dutch) (Download).
– Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terminology EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, A.S. Markov, et al. (Springer, 1984).
– Dienst Wonen, Zorg en Samenleven: Woordenlijst NL-EN (356 entries) (Download).
– Dinoclay: Multilingual Dictionary of Pottery Words: R. Wilt, et al. (Download).
– Dredging Glossary (38 NL-EN terms relating to a ‘sleephopperzuiger’ (trailing suction hopper dredger).
– dutchcadillac.nl Woordenboek Nederlands Engels.
– DUTCH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY (by Jerzy Kazojć) (Download).
– Dutch-English Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, Brokling, L.G., published by the author 1983.
– Dutch Parallel Corpus (‘DPC’), (Nederlandse Taalunie) (10-million-word NL-EN & NL-FR parallel corpus).
– DGT-TM: Directorate-General for Translation Multilingual Translation Memory – Acquis Communautaire.
– ECDC-TM: 25-language TM by the ‘European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’ (Download).
– Earste algemiene list fan kompjûterbegripen foar de Fryske taal (Download)
– Engelsch woordenboek (1920), Karel ten Bruggencate (author) (Pub. 1920 by J.B. Wolters, Groningen).
– Export/Import & Foreign Trade International Business Glossary (EENI – Global Business School).
– EUconst: A parallel corpus collected from the European Constitution (6,479 segments) (Download).
– EMEA: European Medicines Agency (13 million Dutch-English segments) (Download).
– End, Aart van den (ed.): Juridisch-Economisch Lexicon (The Legal and Economic Lexicon).
– End, Aart van den (ed.): Onroerend Goed Lexicon (The Property Lexicon).
– Erasmus University: Juridische afkortingen Erasmus Universiteit (NL abbreviations/acronyms) (Download).
– ETIM: European Technical Information Model for the classification of technical products (Download).
– EUROVOC Multilingual Thesaurus of the European Union (6,797 entries) (Download).
– EUROPARL3: European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus 1996-2009 (1,285,372 entries) (Download).
– European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossary: Netherlands: V.d. Heijden, P.F. + De Gier, E.
– EuroTermBank: multilingual terminology portal (accessible from within memoQ).
– Familysearch.org: useful glossary of geneological research terms (971 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– FELOnline: Financieel Economisch Lexicon NL-EN, by A.J. de Keizer’s (42,000 entries).
– Financieel woordenboek, by Roeland M. van Pol (Financieel Dagblad, 2000).
– Fiscaal technisch Nederlands-Engels woordenlijst.pdf (found on iNDENT mailing list) (Download).
– GEMET: General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus, by The European Environment Agency (Download).
– Geneological Research Glossary (Stichting Genealogisch Archief Vermeer) (115 NL-EN entries).
– Dutch genealogical research glossary (‘Woordenboek/dictionary genealogie’):
– GEONET: Dutch-English list of geotechnical engineering entries (905 entries) (Download).
– Glass Dictionary: by the European Centre for Research and Training in Glass Making (CERFAV), France.
– Globalglossary.org: very large multilingual dictionary with open-source data (Wiktionary, OmegaWiki, etc).
– Glossarissimo! (Monolingual & multilingual resources & terminology for translators & interpreters…).
– Glossary of Aged Care Terminology (Download).
– Glossary of magnetic microstructures + magnetic domains by Hubert & Schäfer (313 entries)(Download).
– Glossary of Miscellaneous Items (4,441 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– GNOME Nederland: (‘Het GNOME-NL project is opgezet om GNOME naar het Nederlands te vertalen.’)
– Van Goor’s English-Dutch and Dutch-English dictionary, F. Ed. Prick Van Wely (11th Rev. Ed., 1959).
– Van Goor’s Miniatuur Engelsch Woordenboek 11th ed. (G.B. van Goor & Zonen Uitgeversmaatsch., 1946).
– Graus, J.M.A.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek, Deel 2 Nederlands-Engels, 5de druk (2009).

– Halford’s list: Dutch into English dictionaries, or dictionaries including Dutch into English.
– Haynes Technisch Woordenboek Engels-Nederlands (werkplaatshandboek) (Download).
– health.belgium.be multilingual glossary (NL, EN, FR, DE: 370 entries) (Download).
– Health insurance glossary (Dutch-English-German)(244 entries)(Download).
– Hensel, I. Woordenboek informatietechnologie / Nederlands-Engels-Duits / 1ste druk (SDU, 1998).
– Horse Glossary: Beknopt paardentaal-woordenboek (236 entries) (Download).
– Huitenga, T.: Nederlands-Engels Woordenboek voor Landbouwwetenschappen (Numij Leiden).
– Huygens Groot woordenboek 4 talen CDROM (incl. Dutch-English).
– IATE: The EU inter-institutional terminology database.
– IEA Annex 31 Glossary (274 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Ihagee: The Multi-Lingual Ihagee Dictionary 5 Languages (glossary of photosgraphy terms) (432 entries).
– Illustrated Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering, EN/DE/FR/NL/RU, by V.V. Schwartz, et al. (1984).
– Insects Glossary (79 Dutch-English-Latin entries).
– Intel’s Trademarks and Brands (EN-NL) (Download).
– ISACA Glossary of Terms (English-Dutch)(Second edition, 2012)(Download from Wordbook.nl).
– Jansonius, Dr. H.: Technisch Engels Woordenboek NL-EN/EN-NL (Numij, 1976).
– Jansonius, Dr. H.: (Nieuw) Groot Nederlands-Engels woordenboek voor studie en practijk (Numij, 1972).
– Jong, F.J. de: Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary: English, French, German, Dutch (Nijhoff Kluwer, 1980).
– Jonge, A.J.: Viertalig woordenboek voor de verzekeringspraktijk – NL/DE/EN/FR (Kluwer, 1994).
– Joostdevree.nl: ‘Bouw Encyclopedie’ (wealth of translations re. construction, w/ images) (Searchable!).
– Joostdevree.nl: Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (construction terms) (10,236 NL-EN entries).
– KDEdoc: ‘A parallel corpus of KDE manuals’ (.TMX 1,445 segments).
– kde.nl/content/woordenlijst (approx. 1,030 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– KDE Localization > Dictionary > Search Translations (Search strings from all KDE translation teams!).
– Kramers Business Woordenboek Engels (1,683 pages) (Kramers Business, 2001) (out of print).
– Kramers encyclopedisch business woordenboek, 7-talig (587 pages) (Kramers Business, 2003).
– Kramers’ Engelsch Woordenboek Engelsch-Nederlands/Nederlandsch-Engelsch, 13de druk.
– Kluwer Woordenboek Bouwkunde, NL/EN/DE (Sdu Uitgevers, 1997) (624 pages).
– Kluwer’s woordenboek informatica, NL/EN; Raymond Bakker (Kluwer Technische Boeken, 1985)
– Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National library of the Netherlands).
– Kramers, J.: Kramers’ Engels woordenboek: NL/EN (G.B. van Goor Zonen, 1948).
– KU Leuven bibliotheek rechtsgeleerdheid: afkortingenlijst BELGISCHE juridische tijdschriften (Download).
– KU Leuven biblioth. rechtsgeleerdheid: afkortingenlijst NEDERLANDSE juridische tijdschriften (Download).

– Land Rover Dictionary: Multilingual glossary of automotive terms (281 NL-EN entries).
– Langenscheidt Universal Dutch Dictionary: Dutch<>English (Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary).
– Le Docte Viertalig juridisch woordenboek f/n/e/d, (Maklu, 1995).
– Le Docte Viertalig juridisch woordenboek, am Zehnhoff, H.W., Timmermans, H., Salmon, Y., Schmatz, E.
– Lemmens, M. & Parr, T.: Handboek voor de vertaler Nederlands–Engels.
– Lexilogos: a comprehensive set of resources for the study of the languages of the world.
– Macroeconomics dictionary by Ralph Vanaken (109 entries) (Download).
– MAGUS: A multilingual animal glossary of selected birds and mammals; Part 4: Germanic Languages.
– Meertalige woordenlijst voor charterschippers.
– Microsoft Terminology Collection (11,968 entries NL-EN entries, incl. English definitions) (Download).
– Mozilla Glossary, Dutch-English (5,972 entries) (Download).
– MSDS Glossary (Material Safety Data Sheet) (172 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Multilingual Biomedical Dictionary, by André Fairchild et al (7,195 entries).
– Multilingual Glossary of the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium (146 entries) (Download).
– Multilingual list of science names – Ontology of Scientific Journals (.xls on Google Drive) (Download).
– Multi Talen Woordenboek Pro (versie 3) – Easy Computing (CD-ROM / DVD) © 2002 Easy Computing.
– MyMemory.Translated.net (very large collection of bilingual material).
– nederbrackets.com
– Nederlandse rechtsbegrippen vertaald
– New Dictionary English and Dutch (Dutch and English), Willem Sewel (author) (BiblioBazaar, LLC, 2010).
– Notebook Nederlandse en Vlaamse onderwijstermen in het Engels, K. Broekhof, T. Morris, and L. Stoops.
– Nuffic Glossary: Dutch-English terminology for describing higher education in the Netherlands.
– OmegaWiki Glossary: Dutch-English dictionary created from OmegaWiki database (Download).
– OLAC: Open Language Archives: ‘resources in and about the Dutch language’.
– OPUS: the open parallel corpus (#1 site for tracking Open Source Parallel Corpora, incl. TMX downloads!).
– OTE: Open Translation Engine (4,648 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Oxtoby, Graham P.: Groot Woordenboek Industrie & Techniek (GWIT).
– P1 Vertaalwoordenboek.
– Palletiser glossary (English) (41 English entries, with definitions) (Download).
– ΠΑΝΟΡΑΜΑ ΤΩΝ ΛΕΞΕΩΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΥΡΩΠΗΣ, by Theophilos Vamvakos (848 entries) (Download).
– Passkey. A Dutch-English reference book on business terminology. (Huitenga, Lloyd & Verhoog).
– Patitia.net: Multilingual Glossary of Nice Classification System of goods & services) (Download).
– Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum: 2007).
– Pinkhof Medisch Engels.
– Philosophy Glossary: Woordenlijst Nederlands-Engels (Filosofie) (203 entries) (Download).
– Praktijkdiploma Boekhouden (PDB) termenlijst – Financial & Cost Accounting glossary (Download).
– Printing Glossary (Fespa.com glossary of screen / digital printing terms) (600 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Prisma Concise English-Dutch & Dutch-English Dictionary, 3rd Revised edition, P. Gargano, F. Veldman.
– Prisma Online XL Engels 2.0 (100,000 Dutch-English headwords).
– Prisma Vakwoordenboek Bouw, De Wilde, E., Volker, H. (Het Spectrum B.V., 1995) (188 pages).
– Prisma woordenboek Nederlands Engels (A.F.M. de Knegt & C. de Knegt-Bos; Orig. auth.: G.J. Visser.
– Prisma Vakwoordenboek Onroerende Zaken, Dijkstra, W., Kommer, K., Van Eyk H.S.
– Prisma Vakwoordenboek Transport, De Wilde, E., Volker, H. (Het Spectrum B.V., 1996) (167 pages).
– ‘Properties + units in the clinical laboratory sciences – 11: Kinds-of-property’ (IUPAC Recommendations).
– Proz.com Term Search.
– Proz.com KOG: ‘KudoZ Open Glossary’ (6,322 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Paint Shop Pro Woordenlijst – Nederland / Engels.
– Rabbel.nl Glossary: ‘Wordlist of Dutch genealogy-related abbreviations, words + translations’ (Download).
– RailLexic 4.0 CD-ROM (UIC railway glossary comprising some 16,000 terms in 22 languages).
– Renier, Fernand G.: Dutch/English – English/Dutch Dictionary (Third impression – 1961).
– Risk and Safety Statements (210 Dutch-English entries) (courtesy of Marek Pawelec) (Download).
– Road Safety Glossary / Verkeersveiligheidstermen Nederlands-Engels (1,183 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– Rohloff Zweiradtechnik Wörterbuch, Dutch-English bicycle terms (490 entries).
– Rombouts, Hans: Vloeiend Vlaams: Zuidnederlands voor beginners en gevorderden (Aramith Uitg., 1990).
– The New Routledge Dutch Dictionary NL-EN/EN-NL, Hempelman, R.; Osselton, N. (2003).
– SCA Packaging: Six-Way Glossary by Data Translations Textran (526 NL-EN entries) (Download).
– SCA Packaging: ‘VERPAKKINGSWOORDENLIJST Vertaling Nederlands/Frans/Engels/Duits’ (Download).
– Shopping and food glossary, compiled by the American Woman’s Club Amsterdam (AWCA) (284 entries).
– SIKB.nl: Soil Management Glossary (5,338 Dutch-English entries) (Download).
– Slovnyk – Het veeltalige woordenboek, compiled by Valentyn Solomko (43,718_entries).
– Steiner Glossary: Personal list of terms compiled while working on Dutch ‘vrijescholen’ texts (Download).
– Stekhoven, G. Schuurmans & Oxtoby, G.P.: Groot Polytechnisch Woordenboek Nederlands-Engels (1993).
– Stekhoven, G. Schuurmans: Kluwers universeel technisch woordenboek NL/EN (Kluwer).
– Taalvlinder.com: A great website that collects Dutch-English glossaries.
– Taalvlinder.com: Construction GLOSSARY by Erik Brommeijer (Also here) (5,998 entries).
– Taalvlinder.com: Militaire termen – landmacht.
– TecDic.com: Online Dutch-English dictionary for technical stuff.
– Ten Bosch’ Viertalig Woordenboek / Nederlands-Engels-Duits-Frans (Sdu Uitgevers, January 1999).
– TAUS Search: TAUS Data Association.
– Technisch woordenboek voor machinebouw en procesindustrie (+ 5,000 entries).
– TESE: Thesaurus for Education Systems in Europe – 2009 Edition (1,388 entries) (Download).
– Tilburg University: Dutch-English Glossary of University related terms (1,657 entries) (Download).
– TranslatorsCafé: Dutch-English Glossary– Terminology TermsCafé (433 entries).
– Tribology Glossary (mechanical engineering) (Werktuigbouw en Tribotechniek – www.tribologie.nl).
– TT-Software Dictionaries and wordlists (www.trueterm.com).
– TU Delft: Building Technology Glossary (Bouwkunde) (198 NL-EN entries).
– TU Delft: Dictionary for Urbanists, Dutch-English (Download).
– TU Delft: Glossary of education-related terms, compiled by the English Language Centre of TU Delft.
– TU Delft: Hydraulic Engineering Glossary (4,235 NL-EN entries).
– TU Delft: woordenlijst onderwijstermen (23 NL-EN entries).
– TU Delft: Nederlands-Englese woordenlijst stedebouwkundige begrippen (Urban Development Glossary).
– Ultramarin Maritime – meertalige geïllustreerde encyclopedie voor zee- en binnenvaart (CD-ROM).
– UN Corpora: TMXs in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish (74,070 entries).
– Universal Dictionary (Dutch-English) (maintained by the Dicts.info project) (1,730 entries).
– Universiteit Gent: (ELIS), Ghent University – Nederlandstalige computertermen (131 NL-EN IT entries).
– Universiteit Utrecht: Univ. Departments Glossary (“Schrijf- en redactiewijzer Engelstalige teksten”).
– Universiteit Utrecht: Glossary of univ.-related terms (NL-EN woordenlijst algemene universitaire termen).
– Uytterschaut, L.: De anderstalige jaarrekening, terminologische gids voor BE/NE/FR/EN/DE jaarrekeningen.
– Van Dale Groot Woordenboek Nederlands Engels, versie 2.1 (2006) (approx. 100,000 headwords).
– Van Dale Groot Woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, versie 2.0 (2002).
– Van Dale Groot Woordenboek van de Nederlandse taal, 14e ed. (2005).
– Van Dale Nieuw Woordenboek der Nederlandsche taal, Calisch, I.M. & Calisch, N.S., 1e editie (1864).
– Vertaalsuggesties (Nederlands i18n-team) (Download).
– Vertalende woordenboeken.
– Versicherungsworterbuch, Insurance Dictionary, Dictionnaire D’Assurance, (…), by Dr. Muller-Lutz.
– Vlietstra’s Dictionary of Technical Terms (Technisch E-N/N-E Woordenboek) (38,617 entries).
– Vlietstra, J. Dictionary of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations.
– VU-termenlijst Geautoriseerde Engelse vertalingen van onderwijstermen, namen van diensten, functies…
– Waterdictionary.info: Multilingual illustrated technical dictionary on navigation and dredging (very good!).
– WeBiText: Bilingual concordancer developed by Institute for Info. Technology NRC Canada (Terminotix).
– Wikipedia: Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (7,191 entries).
– Wikipedia glossary (303,787 entries) (Courtesy of András Farkas) (Download) (Download zipped).
– Wiktionary: Dutch-English dictionary created from Wikipedia database (9,185 entries).
– Wiktionary: M. Buchmeier’s script to automatically generate large bilingual dictionaries using Wiktionary.
– WOD: Webster’s Online Dictionary (with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation).
– Wolters’ Handwoordenboek Nederland-Engels (20e druk, 1994) (77,000 headwords, 1,073 pp.).
– Woordenboek geneeskunde E-N/N-E, 3rde druk; P.L.M. Kerkhof, 2003 (ISBN 903522 25805).
– Woordenboek verzekeringsbedrijf Engels<>Nederlands, Winfried Vermeij & M.P. Kelderman.
– Wordplay.ie: (updated list of) Publicly Accessible Termbases.
– Worterbuch Geotechnik Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering: NL-EN/DE-EN; Herbert Bucksch, et al.
– Woxikon.com: Free Online Dictionary (quite a large collection of Dutch-English material in their database).

– Ziekenhuis.nl Woordenboek – Dutch-English Medical Glossary (1,858 entries) (Download).


– Bel-Memorial glossary (FR<>NL) (monumenten en andere gedenkstukken).
★ De pagina van de Belgische vertaler + De Belgische vertaler (Start page).


– Hilgers, R.: Woordenboek Strafrecht Nederlands-Russisch/Russisch-Nederlands (336pp, 2006).


Japanese Law Translation Memory (407,135 entries)(Download).

Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms

– Acronymbook.com.
– Ecclesiastical Abbreviations (Download).
– Over 800 Abbreviations of religious orders (Download).
– RFC Editor Abbreviations List (1,735 entries) (Download).
English monolingual

– www.coastalresearch.nl (English glossary with coastal science entries)
– Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms – A. Arabi (Auerbach, 2008).
– Glossary of Biotechnology entries 3rd ed – K. Nill (CRC, 2002).
– Glossary of Carriages.
– Oxford Dictionaries Pro.
– Pearson, G.: Illustrated Dictionary Of Mechanical Engineering (Lotus Press, 2007).
– TU-Delft glossary on bio-geomorphology.
– TU-Delft glossary on river morphology.
– UNESCO International Glossary of Hydrology.
– wordlist-en.txt (very long list of English words).
– Kevin’s Wordlist Page: wordlist.sourceforge.net, maintained by Kevin Atkinson.
– Barron’s Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.
– WordWeb Pro: a comprehensive one-click English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows (120,000 entries).

Automotive glossaries (see also: http://wordbook.nl/content/Automotive-glossaries/)
Aviation & ballooning glossaries (see also: http://wordbook.nl/content/Aviation-glossaries/)
– The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary (2nd edition)

About the Dutch language
– J.F. Bense, Anglo-Dutch Relations from the Earliest Times to the Death of William the Third (Oxford University Press: London, 1925).
– J.F. Bense, A Dictionary of the Low-Dutch Element in the English Vocabulary.

Internet slang
– InternetSlang.com: ‘Internet Slang Words and Computer Slang’.
– netlingo.com: ‘The largest list of text & chat acronyms’.

– Business Law Guide to Belgium (2nd ed.), Edited by Ivo Van Bael, Jean-Francois Bellis (650 pages) (1993).
– Legal English: How to Understand and Master the Language of Law, McKay, W., et al. (2nd ed.) (2011).
– LOCKSMITH Dictionary (ALOA) (Download).
– The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing. 6th edition (576 pages).

– Pinkhof Geneeskundig Woordenboek (Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum, 2007).
– Pinkhof Medisch Engels.

Natural Language Processing & Artificial Intelligence
– Thinknowlogy, by Menno Mafait: ‘is the only computer program in the world able to “understand” natural language …’

Scientific & technical
– AccessScience.com 2.0 – by McGraw-Hill (online science platform, feat. fully searchable McGraw-Hill’s Encyclopedia of Science & Technology).
– ASTM Online Dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology.
– Inductel Scientific and Technical Dictionary (120,000+ definitions).
– Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage (LRB), Godman, A. & Payne, E.M.F. (1979).
– McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (6th edition, 2002).
– McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms (7th edition, 2012). A
– McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology (10th edition, 2007).
– Technical Translation: Usability Strategies for Translating Technical Documentation, by Jody Byrne (Springer-Verlag, 2006).
– Vlietstra, J.: Dictionary of Acronyms and Technical Abbreviations (2nd ed.) (2001).

Translation, terminology, and lexicography
– Bilingual lexicography from a communicative perspective; Heming Young and Jing Peng (John Benjamins B.V., 2007).
– Dictionary of Lexicography, R. R. K. Hartmann, Gregory James
– e-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography, Fuertes-Olivera, P.A. & Bergenholtz, H.
– Handbook of Terminology Management (2 volumes), by Sue Ellen Wright and Gerhard Budin (eds).
– TshwaneLex User Guide
– MultiLingual magazine (print edition).
– Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything, Bellos, D.

Dutch monolingual

– Algemeen Nederlands Woordenboek (ANW) – een corpusgebaseerd, digitaal woordenboek van het eigentijdse Nederlands in Nederland en Vlaanderen.
– Fockema Andreae’s Juridisch Woordenboek, R.D.J. van Caspel, HRW Gokkel, CAW Klijn (14de druk) (564 pages) (Noordhoff Uitgevers B.V., 2008).
– Het Groene Boekje, de Woordenlijst Nederlandse Taal.
– Het Muiswerk woordenboek, aangeboden door Juffrouw Blom.
– Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (1864-1998) (WNT; Dictionary of the Dutch Language) © 2007-2010, Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (400,000 entries).
– wordlist-nl.txt (very long list of Dutch words).


– Vlaams-Nederlands woordenboek – van ambetanterik tot zwanzer, Ed. P Bakema (2003).
– Uyen, M.: Kuifje in Vlaanderen. Een Nijmegenaar leert zijn nieuwe vaderland kennen.

English copywriting services

– Celia Anderson Copywriting (Plymouth-based copywriter, supplying engaging content for businesses).
– Jen Rouse Language Services.

Terminology Management

– Glossum.com: Share and organise your glossaries online (dead project).

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