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  • “We were overworked and underfed…still, I mustn’t complain. We all did well out of Metro and Metro did well out of us. There were lots of good times too.” - Judy Garland (1968) In an era famous for its screen teams, there has never been one to rival...

  • Topics: 1.  News and updates from Diane & Liz [2:22] 2.  Today’s topic: balance and doing it all [11:55] 3.  Dealing with the worry [15:41] 4. Choosing the top priority of priorities [27:57] 5. How to handle the expectation [33:50] 6. Questions...

  • Song for My Father Bobby Ray Parks Jr. is on a quest to become the first born-and-raised Filipino to make the NBA and live up to his late father’s basketball legacy by RAFE BARTHOLOMEW ON SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 When Ray Parks Jr. checked in for the Dallas...

  • Song for My Father
    via grantland

    When Ray Parks Jr. checked in for the Dallas Mavericks, with 7:27 remaining in the second quarter of the team’s first NBA summer league game this July, it had been almost five months since he had played organized basketball. His last game was at the...

  • Welcome back to Last Week in TV. It was a busy week full of voiceovers and guest stars. Who knew Billy Bob Thornton would show up? As always there was a nominated show for me to review. This week was Arrow, so fair warning. I hate shipping with a passion...

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