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  • Short Review: Stylish Boston-based brand Flow Kimonos have joined the growing number of companies offering a hemp gi. The appropriately named 'Flow Hemp' has a relatively beefy 550gsm jacket and 11oz (376gsm) trousers, both 100% hemp. Flow do not overdo...

  • I had been daydreaming and planning my escape from society for the past two years. On paper, everything looked pretty good for me. I had a job at a management gig at a Fortune 500 company, trained BJJ, and had a great support system, but on the inside...

  • The Best Jiu Jitsu Gi Buying Guide
    via blog.mmawarehouse

    Just like a surgeon has to put on scrubs and a lawyer needs to don a good-looking suit, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner must have a quality Gi before stepping onto the mat. It can be exciting and fun to buy a Gi, but it can also get very confusing...

  • VULKAN Limited Time Offer Sale! At present our shop we do campaign of Brazil's long-established uniforms manufacturer VULKAN. 2,000 yen discount for adults Jiu jiutsu gi better than all commodity regular price of VULKAN, offers and discounts for children...

  • With UFC 167 right around the corner, Georges St. Pierre's excellent skills will once again be tested. The UFC Welterweight Champion's three-dimensional skill set is often spoken of, and for many people, it is the culmination of a trend set down by Frank...

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