Ginan S Usask. In the context of the Ismaili Muslim community, the term is used for the community's collection of oral tradition of gnostic and devotional...

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  • The term ‘ginan’ is derived from the Sanskrit jnana, meaning contemplative knowledge. Ginans are a vast collection consisting of several hundred Ginans which have been a central part of the religious life of the Nizari Ismaili community of the Indian...

  • Immanuel Afolabi is a Nigerian film producer, teacher, freelance journalist, writer and  musician. He has a passion for communicating developmental issues through text, sound, still and moving images. With funding from the French Research Institute ...

  • Music and Sikh Spirituality
    via sikhsandsociety

    Revision Copy NIRMAL SINGH ABSTRACT The Sikh sacred music tradition, kirtan, started with Guru Nanak, the founder of the faiih. Nanak and the successor Gurus were all well versed in music and commended kirtan as The highest expression of one&rsquo...

  • Visual Arts The well-attended recent Seattle Art Fair provided a numbered of opportunities to get a glance at work and artists we don’t often see in this region. Bay Area artists such as Ruth Asawa and Hung Liu had a number of works on view. Asawa,...

  • Annex’s community engagement strategy consists of the following principles: “Giving back” is an Annex core value. It is a fundamental part of the company’s corporate philosophy. We donate time, expertise and money. We do more...

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  • Ginan Recitals

    The purpose of this website is to make ginans available to researchers and scholars in order to facilitate much-needed scholarly attention to this corpus of ethnocultural knowledge.

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