Gameolio. Game play videos and occasional live streaming with the Gameolio crew (Ai-Phuong, Haven, Rich & Dan).

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  • Is it MMO deals weekend? Yep. Certainly the most notable deals this weekend are focused on the undying genre. This week Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood became available for pre-order on Steam priced at $39.99 for the Standard Edition or $59.99 for the...

  • This is just a "Hmmmm...." post, and not an assertion or a stance, but in thinking about The Elder Scrolls Online and the upcoming Wildstar, both of which are returning to the money-lined nest of monthly subscriptions after several years of...

  • Guild Wars 2 for me because of realm vs realm. I tried TESO for about 3 weeks but gave up after hitting max level. It was so average in every way and Rift has it beat it almost every category.

  • Recently, I've taken a very strong interest in video game music. This interest has now turned into an obsession, and now I am single minded in my pursuit of creating a massive compilation of the best music gaming has given to the world. Do to do this...

  • Hello NAGingers, how are you doing this fine weekend? Good, but could be better? Terrible, and looking for signs of hope? Allow me to offer some small improvement by catching you up on the week’s gaming news. Unless of course you’re a big...

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