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  • It is getting more and more common for kids of younger and younger ages to show interest in game development.  In this day and age there is a wealth of information out there, possibly too much information at times.  This guide is intended to help parents...

  • eBook.IT.Collection.001
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    eBook.IT.Collection.001| Size : 69.44GB eBook IT Collection 001 Release Name: eBook IT Collection 001 Release Date: 2013-09-26 Release Size: 60GB Release URL: n/a INSTALLATION 1. Extract 2. Read & Learn SUMMARY List of IT eBooks collected...

  • Hi! I’m David Arcila, the curator of the ZEEF Game Development resource page. I’m also a game development teacher that has seen countless student projects crash and burn throughout the years. This has led me to understand what are the common mistakes...

  • Improving my architecture design and career – General Programming …GameDev.netLately I’ve become quite concerned with my ability to design good architectures at work (not games) and in my own projects at home. Does any one have any suggestions for books...

  • Im amazed that after all these years there was never a section added for users to submit their own articles or tutorials to teach and help educate other programmers. Sites such as has this, and it has certainly helped me over the years. I...

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    Charles P. Schultz, Robert Denton Bryant is pleased to provide a hand-picked collection of books you may find useful for game development. All books are offered in association ...

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