Fr Omnik Solar. String combiner, web-based monitoring manufacturer for residential, commercial, utility-scale solar projects

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  • Social News 6/9
    via vietnamcolors

    Man injured in petrol station fire Đồng Nai General Hospital yesterday received a 22-year-old man with serious burns all over his body. The man, from Trảng Dài Ward, Biên Hòa City, is now being treated at the HCM City-based Chợ Rẫy Hospital after receiving...

  • National: 1. The Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime (GUJCOC) Bill, 2015 was passed by the Gujarat Assembly. The bill is a re-worked version of the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime Bill (GUJCOC), 2003, which was earlier rejected twice...

  • By Jaisankar Unnithan& Sachin Murdeshwar Intersolar Expo 2016 (All pics by Suresh Unnithan) Mumbai: Exactly a year ago Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tweeted “The sun is the source of all energy. The world must turn to solar, the power of our...

  • The Price of Solar Power
    via theoildrum

    All across Europe feed-in tariffs and subsidies for solar power are being cut or even scrapped. In Portugal and Spain, these actions are justified with the debt crisis, even though they expand these states' trade deficit. This month the Spanish government...

  • Solar Demand in 2014
    via electronicsmaker

    In comparison to 2013, the solar demand in 2014 will increase from seven gigawatts to eight gigawatts in Japan, six gigawatts to eight gigawatts in the U.S., and eight gigawatts to 12 gigawatts in China. Solar Energy in India is one of the most exciting...

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  • Omnik Team - Omnik New Energy

    07/2007 - 01/2009 Product management in Bosch Germany, responsible for R&D, manufacturing and global sales of Made in China frequency inverter 11/2005 - 06/2007 09/2003 - 10/2005 10/2000 - 03/2004 Maj...

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