If you grew up with Sonic Adventure the way I did, you probably played the game with the Japanese voices on. And, even as Sega of America constantly shuffles in new actors at cheaper rates, you could always count on the Japanese language track being there if you wanted to hear some familiar voices.

But one of those voices is no longer with us. Today we are learning that Chikao Otsuka, the Japanese voice of Doctor Eggman, died on January 15th. A (machine translated) post made by Aoni Production:

Our affiliation actor Yi Chikao Otsuka (85 years), January 15, 2015 because of ischemic heart failure [has] passed away. [We thank you] from the bottom of [our hearts] for your kindness.

Otsuka was what you would call a “lifer.” IMDB lists his first job as an actor in the 1968 Tetsuwan Atom anime, better known to North Americans as “Astro Boy.” He went on to play a number of beloved roles in his career, including Metal Gear Solid‘s Big Boss, Goemon in the anime Lupin the Third, Tao Pai Pai in Dragon Ball, and Gold Roger in One Piece, among dozens of others. Literally from the dawn of anime, this man was playing a major part in the industry.

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RIP Chikao Otsuka, the Eggman I enjoyed.

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