Since the author of the Doubts/Confirmed thread stopped updating, I wanted to do that for him. ALL LAYOUT CREDIT GOES TO Sesac,!

Green: Confirmed Red: Not in Game Yellow: Not Confirmed Purple: Post Launch

Roller Coaster Tycoon World features: Doubts/Confirmed

Building Tools
+Freeform Object Placement: Control and place every single in-game object anywhere on the map at any angle. ✔
+Curved Paths ✔
+Structures: build buildings piece by piece. ?
+Fully Deformable Terrain and Water ✔
+Underground rides ?
+Undo button ? (Discussion)
+Lockers ?
+Tunnels: Released as a free update after launch ✔

Custom Content
+UGC Tools: You will be able to create your own scenery, peeps and more in any 3D editing program that works with Unity and import it into the game ✔

Coasters and rides
+New 3D Coaster Editor ✔
+Improved coasters stations:control booths, gates.. ✔
+Catwalks ✔
+Custom show sections: https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.co...-Show-Sections ?
+Breakdown/Shutdown system:https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.co...hutdown-System ?
+Realistic loading/unloading: https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.co...8973#post28973✔
+Pre-built stations ✔
+Fast Pass ?
+Coaster Cam ✔
+Flat rides Cam ✔
+Water rides: rapids, flumes.. ? Rides Unconfirmed. Water: Confirmed
+Pools and waterslides ?
+Being able to control the rides. ?
+Advanced Physics Calculations ✔
+Coasters accidents ✔
+Darkrides and ride events: Released as a free update after launch ✔
+Zoos and animals like in RCT3 Wild ?
+Transport Rides: Released as a free update after launch ✔

Running a park
+Detailed Park Management Tools: From park finances to the thoughts of your guests, including new features. ✔
+Seasons and climate changes: Special Events / Seasonal Events. Summer (heat), autumn (wind), winter (snow), spring (rain) https://forum.rollercoastertycoon.co...son-Discussion ?
+Multiple Game Modes: Sandbox mode, Scenario and Campaign modes. ✔
+Restaurants ✔
+Responsive Environments + Guests: Placing different themed rides and objects will affect not only ratings but increase its attractiveness to certain peeps. ✔
+Medical, janitorial, entertainment and mechanical services ✔
+Day/Night ✔
+1st Person View ✔ (Discussion)
+Jobs: Work as a cleaner, in a ticket booth, as an entertainer, as a mechanic, as a RollerCoaster Controller, as a Shop Worker, etc... ?
+Operating Hours ?
+Fireworks and lasers ?
+Fountains ✔
+Hotels ?
+Parades ?
+Shows with actors ?
+Plazas ✔

User Interface
+Freeform Cameras ✔
+Isometric view ✔

Native Sharing and Social Features
+Native Steam Workshop Support ✔
+Social Media Integration ✔
+Friend’s Lists and Stat Comparisons ✔
+Visit a Friend ✔

Multiplayer Mode
+Cooperative Multiplayer Mode: Released as a free update after launch ✔

Other features
+Autosave/cloud saves ?
+Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, and Russian ✔
+Platforms: Windows, Linux + SteamOS ✔

If I Missed Anything, Please Tell Me and I will Update the List.

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