Organic Food Options In Mumbai

It’s easy enough to stick to eating nothing but organic food – as long as it is you who are picking out the ingredients you buy and cook with. But in today’s day and age, that is a rare luxury. More often than not, we turn to outside sources for food, especially when it comes to our daily lunch in our place of work.

There are many tiffin or dabba services in Mumbai, and just as many restaurants. Yet, despite the embarrassment of riches we have in terms of places to eat, the choices of places that serve of deliver organic food is far smaller in comparison.

To help out those of you looking for a suitable place to lunch, we offer you a starter list of places suitable for people who wish to eat organic food.


This tiffin service’s name is enough indication of the kind of fare they offer – organic all the way!

This tiffin service ensures that the food that is delivered to you is chemical free, and free of pesticides and adulteration, apart from being both healthy and delicious.

This is also an ideal service for vegans to order from, as they serve vegan versions of their meals on request. Furthermore, in order to make sure you get as much nutrition as possible, they offer brown rice as a replacement to regular rice on request.

With a wide variety of meal plans, designed to fit everyone’s budget, this is a great place to order from if you’d rather not go out!

Contact Information:
Phone: (+91) 9820550280
Email: organictiffinservices@gmail.com
Website: organictiffinservices.yolasite.com
Working hours: Monday-Friday, only lunches


While this website is a one-stop shop for a variety of organic items, their most interesting enterprise is The Organic LunchBox.

Dial Organic has teamed up with Mumbai’s famous dabbawallas, apart from a delivery team of their own, to ensure that they can provide you with a balanced, nutritive, and organic lunch, whether you are at home at the office.

Their lunch meal has been designed by nutritionist Kinjal Shah, ensuring that the meal you are served has the perfect balance of carbohydrates and proteins to keep your energy level up throughout the day! Furthermore, for those of you watching your weight, they are also willing to provide you with a calorie count of the food you are eating, as well as a direct line to their nutritionist and chef in order to provide you with any other information about your meal you may desire.

They offer a variety of meal plans, allowing you to pick and choose the one that suits your requirements best. Furthermore, while their default delivery days are from Monday to Friday, they are happy to deliver over the weekend if advance notice is provided.

Contact Information:
Phone: 7303988188
Website: dialorganic.com
Delivery Time: Ranges between 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm


This popular food-based Instagram has a well-kept secret – they offer delicious raw, vegan, and organic food on demand! Made with the purest of ingredients to ensure that your meal has the greatest possible amount of nutrients, these dishes are extremely high in antioxidants.

Unlike many other services, this one doesn’t deliver – its pick-up only. But the rich taste and promise of a nutritious meal makes it well worth the journey.

Pricing here is dependant on the dishes. Their most popular food item is their Raw Pizza, which has a gluten-free base made of vegetables and seeds, topped with Vegan Pesto and fresh organic veggies. All their foods are gluten and dairy-free, and their dairy-free Raw Cacao Chocolate Ice Cream is another must try – it’s proof that you don’t need milk to make a delicious ice cream!

Contact Information:
Phone (+91) 9867455009
Email: raveena@iamayogisattva.com
Instagram: @iamayogisattva
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamayogisattva


The concept of The Yoga House is designed to allow you to share a system of living based on authenticity and awareness, and this bungalow tucked into the heart of Bandra houses a yoga studio, a boutique, and a health food restaurant.

The Yoga House’s food concept is a combination of macrobiotic recipes and ancient dietary wisdom and techniques. Their food is both vegetarian and organic, and they have tied up with organic farmer in Madhya Pradesh to provide some of the ingredients they use in the food the serve in their café, as well as to sell in their boutique.

Specialities here include their Ten Grains Bread, Paneer Bhurji, Carrot Cake, and their Signature Hash Browns. Prices are reasonable, and their food delicious – this is one café that you cannot miss!

Contact Details:
Phone: (+91) 2265545001
Website: www.yogahouse.in
Timings: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, Tuesday-Saturday. Last order at 9:30 pm


Another one located in the heart of Bandra, Birdsong – The Organic Café claims to be the first all-organic café in the city. Famous for their organic bakery items, this café uses no refined flour, refined oil or white sugar in their dishes. Only season and organic wheat, vegetables, jaggery, and brown rice are used in their food preparations.

They go further than the regular organic ingredients and claims when it comes to creating their menu. In order to ensure that all ingredients are organic, there are no chicken or fish dishes on their menu. A blackboard and a handwritten menu contains the specials of the day, all of them must trys.

Moderately priced, this café is wi-fi enabled and is open throughout the day. A perfect place to linger over a cup of coffee, this charming café is a must visit!

Contact Details:
Phone: 022-26422323, 022-26423939
Timings: 9am – 11:30pm

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