Footle. Who is working on getting our clickstream events into protobuf, noticed that we were getting some values that were too large for protobuf’s...

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  • Sonus SBC1k2k Release Notes
    via greiginsydney

    Sonus is kind enough to publish all of the fixes that go into their SBC1k and 2k range, but to go on a “fishing expedition” looking for issues or fixes through various releases you need to trawl through potentially a dozen or more pages. No longer. ...

  • One of the common misinterpretations of jailbreaking is that it means the same as unlocking. Your phone is now free from your carrier, Google, and Motorola. Once jailbroken, you will be able to download all possible applications, extensions and themes...

  • Unity 5.3.6 Released
    via gamefromscratch

    After several weeks of patches, Unity 5.3.6 has been released.  Technical errors (as you may be able to tell from the URL) resulted in me posted the wrong version/release, sorry about that.  The proper release notes are shown below. From the release...

  • MAME и MESS 0.150
    via emu-land Эмулятор акрадных автоматов MAME обновился до версии 0.150. 0.150 ------- MAMETesters Bugs Fixed ---------------------- - 02106: [Speed] (ddragon.c) ddragon2, ddragon2u: [possible] The game slows down in the first level, after...

  • Stack Up Your Mac With 9 Powerful Mac Apps Expires July 08, 2013 23:59 PST Buy now and get 94% off Painter Lite Award-Winning Digital Art Software Welcome to the original natural-media software that provides the most realistic digital art experience...

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  • footle · Brad Greenlee writes here

    I started working with python full-time about a year-and-a-half ago. I was coming from having mostly done ruby and javascript for the last few years, and my prior exposure to python was relatively bri...

  • footle · Brad Greenlee writes here

    One of the engineers on my team at Etsy, who is working on getting our clickstream events into protobuf, noticed that we were getting some values that were too large for protobuf’s largest integer, ui...

  • Projects · footle

    A Mac OS X app that sits quietly in your menu bar and alerts you when it sees something hogging CPU. A Mac menu bar app interface to the Hadoop JobTracker. It gives you easy access to jobs in JobTrack...

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